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Summer Fling

Biondo and Seipel to Host 4th Fling in the Midwest

Hebron, OH – For the past 11 years, co-promoters Pete Biondo and Kyle Seipel have built the Fling brand of high dollar bracket racing into an event everyone wants to attend and everyone wants the win on their resume. From meager beginnings in 2010 to now three big races all over the country, the Fling is now pleased to announce an addition of a fourth event, the Summer Fling, in 2021 at National Trail Raceway outside of Columbus, Ohio.

“With the success of our other Fling events,” said Biondo, “we felt it was time to expand. The demand has been overwhelming and even though we get a lot of Midwest racers attend our Flings in Bristol, Galot, and even in Las Vegas, expanding to central Ohio gives more racers a chance to ‘Race It, Experience It’, which has been our Fling staple.

“Kyle has known the track’s personnel, Jay Livingston and Jason Murray for 33 years,” added Biondo. “Once I met with them, we realized we all had the same mindset, to give racers a great event, an event that we ourselves would always like to have raced at. That was the basis of our understanding when we began in 2010, and it remains the same today.”

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