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Who’s in this Issue of RPM Magazine

Brandford, ON – “ROAD RUNNER…If He Catches You You’re Through!” …Yeah Right! – John Hunkins’ 1968 Plymouth Road Runner May RPM Cover“Coyote Duster” – Even during our photo shoot, with snow still on the ground, John was eager to get behind the wheel for a cruise. We heard there were 13-04 cover 350reports that day of a “bright red hot rod” in the area cruising the streets while being filmed… wasn’t us!

TENNESSEE TERROR – Bo Simpson’s Low Slung Nitrous Nova Is A Heavy Hitter – First impressions mean a lot in the world of high horsepower drag racing, and it’s hard to ignore a candy orange ’69 Nova, especially when it makes lots of noise and has plenty of power to back it up.

BLUE OVAL JUG ADDICTS – The Ford Mustang is arguably the most popular platform for Outlaw Drag Racing today… and the Nitrous guys are flying in them!

STAY THE COURSE – Seven years ago, after a tough inaugural event, the Southern Outlaw Tour seemed destined to fade into the night, yet today support is growing at a record pace due to the vision and tenacity of the Tour founder, Jim Howard.

Deuces Wild – Two Brothers, Two Deuces & Some Wild Times… The Story of QUIK II & GRIFF II

GOT NITROUS? YOU BET! – RPM Asks The Experts – N2O… Forgotten Warrior Or Awakened Giant?

Project 4 Lug Thug – Laundry Day – THUG Gets Some Extra Stopping Power Out Back – Before the RPM Magazine project car hits the track there are a few loose ends that need to be tied up and some safety equipment needed before a driver does the first burnout.

RPM Project Green Machine – The next step in getting our 1966 Chevy Bel Air closer to getting on the road is to install the Big Block Brawler 489 big block Chevy, Thompson’s Transmission TH400, Midwest Converters Ultra Damper torque converter and AEM Electronics Dyno-Shaft on-board dynamometer.

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