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The WCOPMA 2009 Season In Review, Plus a Look at 2010

Story by Steve Bunker
Earlier this month the West Coast Outlaw Pro Mod Association held a banquet/meeting to put a wrap on the 2009 season and to start talking about their upcoming 2010 season. The turnout of attendees for the meeting was rather large and the banquet was a success. The top 8 drivers in points received a trophy and picture for their final finishing place in the 2009 points standings and Rod Burbage claimed his second West Coast Outlaw Pro Mod Association championship for the second year in a row. Coming in a close second place was Jay Diedrich who was followed by Randy Kay in third place. Rounding out the 4-8 spots were (in order 4-8) Lee Smith, Marc Meadors, Tim Henry, Terry Housley (driving for Ballance Racing) and there was a tie for the eighth spot between Scott Bailey and Bret Williamson.

The diversity of engine combinations within the group of those top 8 members may have surprised some, but it proves that the “No Rules” approach is working and that Supercharged and Nitrous cars can compete on a local level with parity while all running in the same group. The breakdown for the top 8 combinations is as follows: (4) screw blown, (2) nitrous [only 3 nitrous assisted members ran with the WCOPMA in 2009] and (3) roots blown combinations. With the expectation of West Coast Outlaw Pro Mod Association members stepping it up in 2010, it is already shaping up to be a fun and exciting year.

During the meeting portion of the get together earlier this month, the main topic discussed was the upcoming 2010 West Coast Outlaw Pro Mod Association schedule. No hints can be given away (yet) but the schedule is nearing completion and there are already have 5 races confirmed with 1 or 2 more expected to be added to the schedule. Expect to see a press release when the 2010 West Coast Outlaw Pro Mod Association schedule is 100% complete in the upcoming weeks.

Until then, visit the West Coast Outlaw Pro Mod Association online at and feel free to email us at to be added to the association’s mailing list or if you have any questions, comments or concerns about the West Coast Outlaw Pro Mods.

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