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Doing Some Good in the Neighborhood

(September 9, 2009) It seems as though Glenn and Christy and their dragster never rest.  The division 7 racers are on a quest to bring smiles and help to some local non-profit organizations.  The first event was the “Surfest ’09” for the American Legion Post #291 on Balboa Island, California.  It was a car show/chili cook-off that benefited the post.  “The response was overwhelming” Christy said.  “Especially, when we fired it up for everyone” Glenn added.  (76)

The 2nd event they attended was the “Waves 4 Wheels” Chili cook-off and Car show for the Elks Club in Huntington Beach.  There were lots of beautiful cars and great chili too!  “Thank goodness I brought my Rolaids” Christy said.  “There were approximately 15 chili competitors and she tried about 5 different kinds.” Glenn stated (55)

The 3rd show was back at the American Legion Post #291.  It was called “Provide a Ride”.  This show was unique in that it brought the visually impaired together with bikers and allowed them to go on a short ride on Harley’s, and Honda’s, or whatever bike was available. “It was an awesome experience” said one of the riders to Christy.  Approximately 120 bikers showed up and 25 visually impaired riders, not bad for the 1st annual event at the Post. (81)

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End of School Surprise!

Pearblossom, CA – The kids at Pearblossom Elementary in Pearblossom, California received a surprise they won’t soon forget. Christy Lamica and Glenn Kirby brought there super comp dragster to the school to share it with the kids.
Originally the showing was to be for the sixth grade, but ended up being for the whole school which is comprised of 360 kids. “It was great seeing the kids raise their hands for questions, they were really curious about the car and about drag racing” Said Christy.
“I sat back and watched the crowds of kids jump in surprise when the motor started up, that was a lot of fun for them and me!” Glenn stated.

After the show Christy went into the sixth grade classroom answered questions from the students and handed out goody bags filled with stickers. Mrs. Jeannie Kirby, the 6th grade teacher, phoned Glenn the next day saying the kids were all abuzz and wearing some of the stickers that were in the bags. It was a great time for all.

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Lawton, OK (May 27, 2009)  The 100th BSB Support Unit in Fort Sill, Oklahoma received a special treat this past Memorial Day weekend. Two division 7 super comp racers, Christy Lamica and Glenn Kirby decided to show their support of the troops by donning their race car in the “digital camouflage” and the American Flag. They took the car to Ft. Sill and gave the troops and their families a little show.  With the help of K&N Filters, Lucas Oil, Madrid Motorsports and a few other sponsors, as well as, family and friends Glenn and Christy put together bags of hats, stickers, products, and candy for the kids.

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