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Allen Willison Wins 1948 Fiat Sedan Delivery Roller at Summit Motorsports Park

Norwalk, OH – Allen Willison of Mansfield, Ohio was the winner of a 1948 Fiat sedan delivery roller professionally built by ScottRods Custom HotRods and Fiberglass on July 14, 2019 at the 18th Annual Lingenfelter Performance Engineering Blue Suede Cruise presented by ScottRods Custom HotRods and Fiberglass at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

Willison’s name was chosen in a drawing that took place on the starting line, where the car was waiting, and there was great applause as he made his way from the stands to the starting line to join Summit Motorsports Park’s Evan Bader and ScottRods Custom HotRods and Fiberglass’ Scott Leber and to see his new car up-close.

According to Leber, the car is unique and features a custom-fabricated chassis with front suspension components including a gun-drilled axle with traverse leafspring, hairpin radius rods, shocks, disc brakes and Unisteer rack and pinion steering, and rear suspension components including a four-link with coilover shocks, Ford 9-inch rear-end housing with 31-spline axles and drum brakes. It’s rolling on new wheels and tires, and the entire package is valued at $20,000.

“I love this, and I’ve never won anything like this in my life,” said Willison, who appeared to be equal parts excited, surprised and touched. He added that the car will have a prime spot in his garage right alongside the 1948 Plymouth coupe that he has had since he was 13.

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