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Aeroquip Team Chasing Numbers and Consistency into Independence Drags III

Elma, NY (June 28, 2009) – Horsepower, torque, and adrenaline is what has driven Mike Janis to become one of the top racers, engine builders and tuners in the world. While some level of fame does come from being the best at what you do that’s not what’s important to the Aeroquip sponsored Janis.

“When we first decided to do this professionally we just hoped to get into the field. Once we knew we could do that on a regular basis our focus turned to winning events. Now, as the years have gone by we continually push ourselves to improve in different ways. That doesn’t always mean winning a race is the ultimate goal,” said Janis.

While winning races is always a goal set by the Elma, NY based engine builder; it’s the “numbers” he’s chasing that take precedent.

“Like our sponsor, Aeroquip, it’s about performance. Aeroquip has outperformed its competitors for over 60 years by continually trying to improve their products. We have taken what we’ve learned from working with such a great company and implemented it into both Mike Janis Racing and Jan-Cen Motorsports. Our performance on the track has helped us grow our business, Jan-Cen Motorsports, and we need our engines to be able to out perform everyone out there. We continually perform R and D so we can give what ever we test and prove to our customers. No matter if it’s legal or outlaw anyone can come here and get proven engine and tune up for a 5.80’s or a 3.70’s.  We know we have the power to run in the 3.60’s but we have to prove it first. So for right now that’s the numbers we’re chasing,” continued Janis.

In order to reach the goal of a 3.60’s run Janis knows it takes teamwork from everyone involved with Mike Janis Racing. Recently the team has been leaning on long time sponsor Ram Clutches to assist them in reaching the now coveted 3.60 zone.

“Pat (Norcia) from Ram Clutches has stood by us for years and has continued his support through sponsorship and technology. Recently we revamped our clutch program and have been following Pat’s lead. We’ll be running an updated system this weekend in Topeka. While the track and weather conditions may prohibit us from getting to the numbers we’re looking for our new clutch program should show immediate dividends when it comes to consistency,” said Crew Chief Mike Janis Jr. “Even with the hot weather conditions I think we can run some real good numbers. The one we’re chasing this weekend is the number one. As in the number one qualifier.”

This weekend’s ADRL Hardee’s Independence Drags III will be contested in Topeka, Kansas at Heartland Park on Friday July 3rd and Saturday July 4th.


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