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ADRL Dragstock 2009, “At The Rock”
Photos Courtesy Of David Anderson and Axle WeissStanley and Weiss at ADRL Dragstock, David Anderson
Hagestown, MD  The “Appalachia on Steroids” braintrust received a phone call about the ADRL Dragstock race at Rockingham a week before it was to be held. The person on the other end wanted to know why we were not going to attend the largest ADRL race of the year. We had to tell them the truth—POVERTY had inevitably entered into the equation! That being said our new fairy Godfather agreed to put up some money to help us attend the race.

What a great call that turned out to be! We arrived to beautiful sunny skies and a perfectly prepped track by Steve Earwood’s competent staff. The pits were full of bad to the bone race cars of all shapes, colors and sizes. The buzz right out of the box was how fast were these fields really going to be? At the end of the first session on Friday we ended up on the outside looking in as our 4.23 was only good for number 19 on the ladder. We went back to the pits mumbling one of our famous (to us) sayings: “Well that didn’t work!”. We then made the changes back to where we were. Our great crew never complained, they just pitched in and we all got it done with time to spare.

The second session was then canceled due to the car count nearing 150 and not enough time in the day! So the scheduled third round became the second one which is always set for Friday night’s cool air. We made the decision to be as close to the front of the staging lanes as possible so if we had work to do it would not be 2 AM when we finished. That plan worked great. We ended up the first pair alongside Doug Winters bright yellow nitro methane burning 57 Chevrolet. At the end of this race Victor Bray would have been very proud of Doug’s numbers. BUT not as proud as we were of our 3.765 @ 202.06 pass! Our entire team was ecstatic alongside a lot of our supporters!

This pass slotted us into the number four position at the time and we ended up number five Saturday in what was to become the quickest and fastest door car race in the world, EVER! And all of this with a wedge headed Alan Johnson engine and NO lockup clutch! These numbers placed us in an elite class of racers that we never thought would be possible to accomplish so soon. We are now listed at #10 in 1/8th mile ETs and number 15 in 1/8th mile speeds ALL TIME on Bill Pratt’s website! Thanks To Our Mickey Thompson Tires, Pretty good for an underfunded team by anyone’s standards!

Those ADRL racers were not playing this past weekend! They lowered the previous bump by lots! It took a 3.827 to be number 16 out of 35 cars! But, alas and a lack of our good feelings went the way of a red light start first round when John could not hold the car in the beams. But all is not bad. We think we are pretty sure we know the reason so it’s on to The Shakedown at Etown October 16th, then home to take a shower and go to Dallas for the start of 2010!

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