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Quaker City Motorsports Park Captures IHRA Division 3 (North Stars) Championship

NEW ALEXANDRIA, PA — Quaker City Motorsports captured the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Division 3 (North Stars) Summit Team Finals held at Keystone Raceway Park over the weekend.

Quaker City Motorsports Park took a 66.5- 62.5 win over defending champions Dragway 42. Other tracks who participated were:, Beaver Springs Dragway, Lancaster Dragway, Thompson Raceway Park and Empire Dragway.

Leading up to the main event, racers participated in Early Bird Gambler’s races, Race of Champions race and “best of” awards.

Main Event:


Billy Leasure (Dragway 42) put together a winning package with a 4.892 elapsed time at 136.49 mph against a 4.88 dial-in, along with a .028 reaction time. Runner-up Mark Brewer (Keystone Raceway Park) raced down the track in 6.282 seconds at 108.28 mph against a 6.24 dial-in with a .028 reaction time.


Corey Griffith (Quaker City Motorsports Park) won defeated final-round opponent Bob Koran (Dragway 42). Griffith had a 6.728-second run at 101.74 mph with a .009 reaction time. Koran posted a 5.882 elapsed time at 118.08 mph with a .032 reaction time.


Joe Tharp Jr. (Keystone Raceway Park) captured the win with a 7.547 elapsed time at 86.99 mph and coupled it with a .021 reaction time. Gordon Stevens (Thompson Raceway Park) went 8.206 seconds at 81.12 mph with a .033 reaction time.

Junior Dragster

Karissa Tringhese (Quaker City Motorsports Park) had a .124 reaction time and then raced down the 1/8-mile at 7.937 seconds and 80.26 mph. Ashton Halas (Lancaster Dragway) finished runner-up with an 9.047 elapsed time at 71.02 mph but red lighted with a -.015 reaction time.


Jason Samora (Quaker City Motorsports Park) captured the win over Nick Christmas (Quaker City Motorsports Park) who red lighted at the start by a -.051 reaction time. Samora had a 6.047-second pass at 117.49 mph against a 6.05 dial-in. Christmas went down the track in 6.143 seconds at 115.38 mph against a 6.16 dial-in.

Early Bird Gambler’s Race

Top — Niki Thomas (Dragway 42) 6.20 on a 6.20 dial-in, .024 reaction time defeated Nick Bowman (Keystone Raceway Park) 6.75 on a 6.74 dial-in, -.003 reaction time.

Mod — Mason Fix (Keystone Raceway Park) 7.31 on a 7.30 dial-in, .001 reaction time defeated Chris Mancini (Keystone Raceway Park) 6.30 on a 6.27 dial-in, .017 reaction time.

Junior — Kevin Simard Jr. (Empire Dragway) 8.11 on a 8.11 dial-in, .038 reaction time defeated William Balser 7.94 on a 7.94 dial-in, .086 reaction time.

Bike — Jason Samora (Quaker City Motorsports Park) 6.13 on a 6.11 dial-in, .058 reaction time defeated Nick Christmas (Quaker City Motorsports Park) 6.25 on a 6.25 dial-in, .086 reaction time.

Race of Champions

Top — Nick Bowman (Keystone Raceway Park) 6.69 on a 6.69 dial-in, .016 reaction time defeated Tommy Mull 6.48 on a 6.49 dial-in, .001 reaction time.

Mod — Andrew Feltman (Beaver Springs) 5.05 on a 5.04 dial-in, .011 reaction time defeated Bob Cireddu (Thompson Raceway Park) 4.89 on a 4.87 dial-in, .012 reaction time.

Street – Joe Tharp Jr. (Keystone Raceway Park) 7.53 on a 7.52 dial-in, .043 reaction time defeated Jerry Coblentz (Quaker City Motorsports Park) 7.46 on 7.50 dial in, .055 reaction time.

Junior — Matthew Vogler (Empire Dragway) 7.94 on an 7.90 dial-in, .012 reaction time defeated Aston Halas (Lancaster Dragway) 9.00 on a 8.93 dial-in, -.064 reaction time.

Bike —  Joey Brandgard (Dragway 42) 4.94 on a 4.92 dial-in, .544 reaction time defeated Jeff Santin (Beaver Springs) 5.44 on a 5.44 dial-in, -.017 reaction time.

Team Captains Race

Ron “Wild Card” Matchum (Dragway 42) defeated Sheryl Harvey (Emprie Dragway).

Special Awards

Best Appearing Open Bodied Car — Paul Peterson, Dragway 42

Best Engineered Open Bodied Car — Billy Leasure, Dragway 42

Best Appearing Full Bodied Car — Mason Fix, Lancaster Dragway

Best Engineered Full Bodied Car — Doug Lynden, Empire Dragway

Best Appearing Junior Dragster — Ryan Goodman, Thompson Raceway Park

Best Engineered Junior Dragster — Theda Ball, Lancaster Dragway

Best Appearing Motorcycle — Joey Brandgard, Dragway 42

Best Engineered Motorcycle — Steve Huckabee, Thompson Raceway Park

Best Team Spirit — Beaver Springs

Best Appearing Sponsor Banner — Quaker City Motorsports Park

Best Appearing Grandstands — Dragway 42

Best Appearing Team — Lancaster Dragway

Team Standings

1.      Quaker City Motorsports Park  66.5

2.      Dragway 42   62.5

3.      Keystone Raceway Park 53

4.      Lancaster Dragway  45

5.      Empire Dragway  35

6.      Thompson Raceway Park 26

7.      Beaver Springs Dragway 22

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