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Laris Motorsports Insurance Named Official Insurance Provider of PDRA

FREDERICKSBURG, VA – Laris Motorsports Insurance, a racer-owned insurance company specializing in motorsports, has been named the official insurance provider of the Professional Drag Racers Association (PDRA). Laris Motorsports Insurance will also serve as the presenting sponsor of the PDRA’s Lucas Oil Elite Top Dragster and Lucas Oil Top Dragster classes in 2022.

“Just like the PDRA, Laris Motorsports Insurance is a company for racers, by racers,” said Will Smith, marketing director, PDRA. “They really understand what racers need from an insurance policy. I know a few of their customers already compete in the PDRA, and I’m sure many more of our racers will be interested in learning more about covering their equipment through Laris Motorsports Insurance.”

Laris Motorsports Insurance is an extension of the Laris Insurance Agency, a fourth-generation south Louisiana multiline insurance agency. Members of the Laris family have been drag racing for over 30 years, with numerous NHRA sportsman racing accomplishments to their name. The family created Laris Motorsports Insurance to offer policies to racers that would specifically cover race cars and racing equipment, with coverage extending from the race shop to the racetrack. On-track coverage is also available.

“We kept hearing good things about the PDRA, and after meeting with Will a couple times, we decided to join on as an official sponsor,” said Holden Laris, president, Laris Motorsports Insurance. “We offer insurance policies specifically for drag racers. Whereas other insurance providers try to throw a race car onto a classic car policy, our policies are specifically written for race cars and racing equipment. That makes a big difference.”

As part of the new partnership, Laris Motorsports Insurance will have one of its representatives, Jake Green, at nearly every PDRA race. Green plans to meet with racers to explain the benefits of Laris insurance policies, as well as to provide customer support to existing customers.

“Personally, I think if you’re not at the track, you’re doing yourself and the racers a severe injustice,” Green said. “I’m looking forward to helping racers explore the ins and outs of what we offer, what we cover, and how our policies are more affordable than they might think. The PDRA is a quality organization with impressive car counts. I think it’s going to be a great partnership and it’s one Holden and I are excited to be a part of.”

As the presenting sponsor of the Lucas Oil Elite Top Dragster and Lucas Oil Top Dragster classes, Laris Motorsports Insurance is throwing its support behind one of the fastest growing categories in sportsman racing. The PDRA’s Top Dragster classes feature fast bracket racing at its finest, with races decided by thousandths of a second at as quick as 3.70 seconds in the eighth mile. It’s a class for diehard racers, which lines up closely with Laris Motorsports Insurance’s target market.

“We’re a true drag racer’s insurance built for drag racers,” Laris said. “With most other companies’ policies, as soon as you pull into the racetrack, your coverage ends. With us, you’re covered until you pull into the water box, then once you turn off the racetrack, coverage starts back up again. We can also insure racers as they’re going down the track with our on-track coverage.”

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