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Dunn, NC – Day 1, Rob’s Automotive Test & Tune Tuesday of the Sparco Fall Fling presented by Optima Batteries opened up at GALOT Motorsports Park in North Carolina. On tap was a Test & Tune session followed by the American Race Cars/Race Tech Dragster Shootout. A random field of 32 racers signed up for a chance at either an American Race Cars or Race Tech dragster. The two finalists would race with the winner getting his or her choice, while the runner-up takes what’s left over; not a bad prize in itself. The two semifinalists earned $500.

Eight drivers left after round two: Hunter Patton, Troy Williams Jr., Kevin Glenn, Steven Morrison II, Chaz Silance, Bernie Elmer, Dale Taylor and Gary Williams.

Round three and all drivers on the ladder, first up was brother versus brother, the Williams boys with brother Gary taking the reaction time advantage for the win. Next up was Patton; who has done so much winning this year including winning the Dragster Shootout earlier this year at the GALOT Spring Fling; moving on by defeating the door car of Glenn. Taylor picked the wrong time to have a .095 RT allowing Silance to move on. Finally, the last remaining door car of Ulmer went down in defeat to advance Morrison.

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2020 JEGS Performance SFG500 to be contested April 12-18, 2021 at SGMP with Increased Prize Money

CHICAGO, IL – Just over 1 week ago SFG Promotions had to make the difficult decision to postpone the running of the 2020 JEGS SFG500 due to weather produced by hurricane Sally. The decision paid off as the track saw several inches of rain during the week of our scheduled event.

After considering the reschedule options of either the end of October 2020 or April 2021, SFG has decided to contest the event April 12-18, 2021, and believe that this is the best decision for everyone involved in bracket racing. The next month of racing will be taxing on drivers, cars, finances, and vacation time. “SFG has always been on the mission to make life-changing money available to everyone. We feel we can better live up to that by running the event in April opposed to adding on another mega event at the end of October” said Kyle Riley.

The rescheduled JEGS SFG500 will have 2 major changes coming that will make it even more exciting to attend: The popular JEGS Performance $20K warm-up for a $100 entry will now become the JEGS Performance $50K warm-up for only a $175 entry. You read that right – $30K more in payout for $75 more in entry fees! Additionally, all racers who were already entered in the JEGS SFG500 prior to the weather postponement will be able to race in the $50K warm-up for only $100!

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The Fall Fling is next on the 2020 Big Dollar Bracket Schedule

Dunn, NC – The next two weeks are going to be pretty exciting for the hundreds of racers who will be attending the Sparco Fall Fling at GALOT Motorsports Park in North Carolina, followed by the next week when the K&N Spring Fling Million will take place at Bristol Dragway in Tennessee.

The original Fling schedule became another victim to the pandemic requiring co-promoters Pete Biondo and Kyle Seipel to scramble in order to continue the tradition of promoting high dollar events which have become so popular in the bracket racing world.

“We had been working closely with our partner tracks to come up with a game plan for our Fall events,” explained Biondo. “After discussing our options and realizing the commitment we have to our racers and sponsors, we have come up with the best plan which will come to fruition in the next two weeks.”

That plan was announced several months ago which involved the Fall Fling, that has been run normally in Bristol, to move it to GALOT a week earlier than it was originally scheduled. The K&N Spring Fling Million has always been contested at The Strip At Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Due to restrictions in that state, it was decided to move the Spring Fling Million to Bristol Dragway the week following the GALOT event. That makes for two pretty exciting and busy weeks in a row. Each event name, sponsors, structure, and guaranteed purses will all remain the same.

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Beaver Springs, PA – Two days down and one last one to go at the Mutt & Jeff Promotions high-dollar event at Beaver Springs Dragway in central Pennsylvania.

Two big stories at the beginning of the day was first Mike Holland’s win in the $20K final yesterday in his Mustang. Door cars are not always the best tool for the job, but Mike was making it look good in a car which had sat to two years and wasn’t even started until he arrived at the track on Thursday.

Second, iron man so far of the weekend has been Jeff Krushinskie who won Thursday’s race and then made it down to the semifinals yesterday. Driving a Roles team car, the semifinals was young Dalton Roles facing Krushinskie with the “owner” scoring the win and eventual runner-up yesterday.

A scattered weather forecast prolonged today with the sun poking through the clouds from time to time, but racing continued on.

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Beaver Springs, PA – Scattered showers were in the forecast for today but racing went on. New entries were allotted a time run prior to first round beginning.

“We had a great day yesterday,” said Burruss. “We got hurt early in the day yesterday with some weather but the sun finally shone through and we were able to finish the entire race including the elite 32-car dragster shootout.”

In between the first round and the buyback round today, a select group of former winners faced off in the first Mutt & Jeff Top 8 for a little bit of fun. Six former winners got the chance to face off against Mutt & Jeff promoters Paul Burruss and Dylan Griffey. Shawn Barrett, Joey Harrison, Andy Dolan, Scott Tate, Randy Krause and Tony Hill, all took a shot to see who could knock off the “bosses.” After the first round, both “bosses” were beaten and final turned out to be a second year winner (Joey Harrison) and a fourth year champ (Shawn Barrett) with Barrett coming out on top as the champ of champs.

Once again, the Footbrake crowd ran by themselves until a winner was crowned, after which that person was seeded into the Super Pro ladder. Footbrake finalists ended up to be Thursday’s winner Mike Fornwalt and Bob Flick, with the win light shining in Flick’s lane after a -.006 red-light by Fornwalt.

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Beaver Springs, PA – It was the day Paul Burruss and Dylan Griffey have been looking forward to for a whole year since last year’s Mutt & Jeff Promotions high-dollar bracket race.

“Last year we moved the event to Beaver Springs Dragway in central Pennsylvania,” said Burruss, “and we had a great event with a lot of competitors not only happy with the races themselves but also the facility. The track’s owner Mike McCracken worked diligently with us to assure everyone had a great time, which made continuing the event there a no-brainer.”

One change from last year was the move to run the three-day race on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, paying $10K-$20K-$10K to the winner each day. While the weather for the three days prior were chamber of commerce gorgeous, don’t ever fool with Mother Nature. This morning opened up to unexpected liquid sunshine (rain) but track and Mutt & Jeff officials stuck with the plan and by the time eliminations began in the afternoon, sunshine prevailed.

A separate Footbrake class was run with the winner being seeded into the following round of the Super Pro class in addition to receiving a Footbrake bonus. And as usual, door cars were all run separate from dragsters with the winner of the door cars also seeded into the following round of Super Pro.

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6TH Annual Mutt and Jeff Promotions Race

Beaver Springs, PA – For the sixth year in a row, Paul Burruss and Dylan Griffey will be staging their Mutt & Jeff Promotions Race this year at Beaver Springs Dragway in central Pennsylvania. It began some years ago as a joke in relation to the long-running comic strip characters. The two mismatched gamblers, not unlike the comic strip pair, have been gambling with the race which highlights high dollar bracket racing.

From its original home in Maryland, the pair last year moved the race north to Beaver Springs Dragway. “Each year we’ve tried to give our customers, who are also many of our friends, a great experience,” said Burruss. “We’ve had a good relationship with Beaver Springs’s owner Mike McCracken, who is now into his third year as owner of the facility and he’s been making a lot of improvements. We worked with Mike last year and it was a rousing success. As such, it made no sense to move the race anywhere else.”

Scheduled since late last year on the weekend of June 18-20, there was still a lot of worry on the part of Burruss and Griffey due to the COVID-19 virus. “A lot of tracks have been shut down but Mike has worked diligently with local government officials,” says Burruss, “and the closer we got to our date, the clearer it became that we would be able to race without a problem.

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