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Bo Butner wins the K&N Spring Fling Million

LAS VEGAS – Day number four at the K&N Spring Fling Million presented by Optima Batteries began with the Brodix Run For The $50,000.  Racers took their best shot at laying down a perfect package which would earn them a $50,000 payday.

Each pair in the Run For The $50,000 brought excitement as racers took aim at a .000 reaction and a dead on zero lap.  After numerous close calls and at least two -.001 packages, Robbie Gear won a set of Brodix SR20 Cylinder Heads for his .002 package.  Megan Lotts won $2,000 with her .003 package and Troy Williams Jr. won an entry into the 2022 Spring Fling Million with his .003 package.

With the Brodix Run For The $50K complete, racing moved into Million Dollar Friday at the K&N Spring Fling Million!  Two hundred and thirty-one competitors entered the Million main event which set the winner’s purse at $250,000.

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Dustin Hentges wins Moser $30K at the Spring Fling Million

LAS VEGAS – Racing continued at the K&N Spring Fling Million presented by Optima Batteries on Thursday with the Moser Engineering $30K.  Four hundred and forty racers lined up for a shot at the $30,000 top prize.  For the third consecutive day racers battled strong winds that seemed to change speed and direction on a whim.  The changing conditions added to the challenge as racers battled not only the weather but a deeply talented field of competitors.

As the rounds progressed throughout the day, twenty competitors remained standing in round six.  Those included the four remaining Gearwrench Pro class cars of Niki Thomas, Josh Fuerstenberg, Kyle Rizzoli, and Randy Biddle Jr.  Thomas defeated Fuerstenberg and Rizzoli moved past Biddle to advance to round seven.

The round six winners in Super Pro included Dylan Hough, Dave Meziere, Hunter Patton, Shannon Justice, Shawn Hart, Don Butkiewich, Dustin Hentges, and Austin Williams.

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Andy Schmall wins Wednesday $30K at the Spring Fling Million

LAS VEGAS – Day two of the K&N Spring Fling Million presented by Optima Batteries saw over 400 racers battle for the Silverstate Refrigeration $30,000 trophy.  With time trials completed on Tuesday, Wednesday opened at 8.30am with first round of eliminations in the Gearwrench Pro class.

After battling a stiff headwind on Tuesday, the wind swirled early on Wednesday before eventually growing still late in the day.  The everchanging weather challenged the huge field of 429 entries that made the first-round call.  The talented field, which included racers from over 30 states, battled throughout the day for a shot at a $30,000 payday.

As day turned to night, the field narrowed quickly with only ten racers advancing to round seven.  Andy Schmall and Dennis Paz opened the round with the Gearwrench Pro class final.  The winner would earn a $500 bonus and would join the Super Pro class in the quarterfinals.

Schmall used a .017 light and a one over 6.181 to turn back Paz who was .030 at the tree and -.003 under his 6.98 dial.  Schmall, no stranger to big money finals, earned the bonus and advanced to the final five in the Silverstate Refrigeration $30K.

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Cory Gulitti wins American Dragster Shootout at the Spring Fling Million

LAS VEGAS – The K&N Spring Fling Million presented by Optima Batteries raced into action Tuesday with three rounds of FST Carburetor Time Trials.  Over 400 of the nation’s best bracket racers made practice runs throughout the day.

Racers from across the country descended on the Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the legendary Spring Fling Million.  Beautiful skies and a stiff headwind greeted racers as they refined their setups for the upcoming races scheduled for the next several days.

In addition to FST Time Trial Tuesday, 32 racers competed in the American Race Cars / Todd’s Extreme Paint Dragster Shootout.  The winner would receive the American rolling dragster valued at over $40,000.  The dragster included top of the line components along with a Todd’s Extreme custom paint job.  The Shootout runner-up would receive an entry into Friday’s Spring Fling Million.

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Josh McDaniel takes the Final Day Win at this years Fling Million

Dunn, NC – Today was supposed to be an open day for travel and/or a rain day. That all changed when low temperatures reached almost record numbers on Friday. Fling officials made the decision to extend the schedule and complete the last remaining $30,000-to-win race today.

Ten cars left going into the seventh round; Billy Leber, Dan Northrop, Mike Barber, Randell Reid, Josh McDaniel, Cory Mong, Shane Maddox, Robbie Hamilton, Duston Wurtz, and Jack Ostrowski.

Seventh round and the survivors were: Barber, Wurtz, McDaniel, Northrop and Leber.

Quarterfinals, Leber defeated Northrop, McDaniel over Wurtz and finally Barber on the bye. Semifinals and by virtue of his .001 RT, McDaniel earned the bye into the final, while Leber faced off with Barber, who has been on a tear of .00X reaction times including his perfect RT in the Spring Fling Reaction Time Challenge which earned him $1,000. With identical RT, it was Leber by only two-thousandths to put an end to Barber’s 2020 K&N Spring Fling Million presented by Optima Batteries.

Final round, a door car; the Corvette Roadster pseudo door car of Leber; against McDaniel’s dragster for $30,000, with lane choice going to McDaniel.

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Scott Richardson IS the Spring Fling Million Winner at Bristol!

Bristol, TN – After a chilly night, what was supposed to be the final FTI Saturday $30,000-to-win race had the schedule somewhat altered yesterday when falling temperatures forced the postponement of Friday’s Million Dollar race.

“After the completion of the second round yesterday,” said co-promoter Pete Biondo, “we chose to err on the side of caution when track temperatures began to fall. Wanting to give our racers everything we promised, we made the decision to continue the event on Saturday, with some key changes.”

Saturday morning first brought the patented Spring Fling Reaction Time Challenge where seven racers earned some cash, the most notable being Mike Barber who scored a perfect reaction time (.000) which earned him $1,000. He was given a second chance and should he have recorded another .000, it would have earned him $10,000, a feat he was unable to repeat, but still receiving the grand. Six other drivers; Dan Fletcher, Allen Byrd, Ken Batchelor, Slate Cummings, Shane Molinari and Michael White; all recorded .00X reaction times to receive $100 each.

Next up was the first round of FTI Saturday’s $30-grander with the balance of that race to be completed on Sunday. And back into the third round of Friday’s Million Dollar main event with tough racing in every pair of cars.

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Biondo and Seipel to Host 4th Fling in the Midwest

Hebron, OH – For the past 11 years, co-promoters Pete Biondo and Kyle Seipel have built the Fling brand of high dollar bracket racing into an event everyone wants to attend and everyone wants the win on their resume. From meager beginnings in 2010 to now three big races all over the country, the Fling is now pleased to announce an addition of a fourth event, the Summer Fling, in 2021 at National Trail Raceway outside of Columbus, Ohio.

“With the success of our other Fling events,” said Biondo, “we felt it was time to expand. The demand has been overwhelming and even though we get a lot of Midwest racers attend our Flings in Bristol, Galot, and even in Las Vegas, expanding to central Ohio gives more racers a chance to ‘Race It, Experience It’, which has been our Fling staple.

“Kyle has known the track’s personnel, Jay Livingston and Jason Murray for 33 years,” added Biondo. “Once I met with them, we realized we all had the same mindset, to give racers a great event, an event that we ourselves would always like to have raced at. That was the basis of our understanding when we began in 2010, and it remains the same today.”

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