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Pro Extreme Motorcycles Coverage
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This weekend was wrought with so many peaks and valleys that a mere report could never do justice to it. That being said, I would be derelict if I did not mention that a combination of bad weather and a tragic accident in the pits on Saturday morning set the line up for this field of players. Many familiar faces were counting heavily on Saturday’s Round 4 of Qualifying, but the ADRL had to make the tough (and obvious) choice to let it go. This Weekend, Friday’s Qualifying Line-Up Stands.
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Eric McKinney logged his fastest pass of the weekend with a 4.201 et at 172.52 mph for the win over Ron Procopio.

Paul Gast easily slid by  Casey Stemper’s slight starting line advantage and crossed the finish line nearly 8 ft before Casey.

Billy Vose inherited an impromptu bye run when Matt Prophit noticed a potentially lethal oil leak from Derrick Holloway’s machine prior to staging. Billy took full advantage to put up a 4.245 et at 170.41 mph.

Lance Hines took an easy victory when James Rester, Jr. had a little start line trouble.

Nikie Corley  and Matt Prophit had nearly identical lights, but soon after it was Nikie all the way for the win and lane choice over Lance Hines in the quarters.

Rob Hunnicutt managed to hold his holeshot advantage over Terry Schweigert and earn passage to the next round despite his slower times.

Despite Kim Morrell’s quicker reaction time and her career best 4.276 run in her first actual ADRL race Travis Davis’ 4.232 et was enough to take the round by a margin of about 0.0385 seconds.

Ashley Owens is out of the gate first and makes the fastest pass in the history of ADRL PXM  and sets the National PXM record at 4.121 et and 174.71 mph for the win. James Helton runs his quickest pass of the weekend in a losing effort
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Billy Vose took the advantage from Superman, Rob Hunnicutt, at the tree and never let up gaining a clear victory into the SEMIs.

Star Racing’s Nikie Corley left with a .008 reaction time and ran a 4.249 et to Lance Hines’ surprising 4.656. Nikie will see Ashley Owens in the SEMIs…Oh my…

Travis Davis canned an incredible 4.199 against Paul Gast’s 4.263. Travis advances to meet Billy Vose.

Ashley Owens pealed off another record when he ran a 4.116 et at 175.55 mph. Eric McKinney’s amazing 4.214 was not enough to stop Owens, tonight!
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Travis Davis and Billy Vose volleyed the lead until the 330’ when South Georgia’s Travis pulled a 4.201 et out for the win.

Ashley Owens is unstoppable as he slew his own record with an unbelievable 4.109 et at 177.81 mph. Nikie Corley’s 4.242 et would have been more than enough a short time ago, but the Fast By Gast Team has changed all of that this weekend.
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Travis had a sterling holeshot

but Ashley Owens just kept kickin’ the walls out of record after record each and every round for the win and his third MinuteMan trophy

Ashley’s time at the end of the day was a 4.096 et at 175.25 mph. I noted that he had run over 2 mph slower on that last run and queried if there was still more in the bike? He just smiled. I guess we’ll have to wait and see in Virginia!
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