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Yellow Bullet Nationals

A letter from Monty Mihko.

To everyone,

I want to start off by thanking all the members of for their interest and participation over the past 8+ years. I never, in a million years, would have imagined this site to grow as big as it has. Unfortunately, as the site grew so did the costs and time to maintain it.

As many people know I have been approached by many companies over the years to sell this site. I have always rejected their offers for many reasons but the major reason being I did not feel right with the way they wanted to run this site.

For the past few weeks Yellow Bullet LLC and have been in talks about a buyout. We came to a final agreement just a few days ago and I am transferring ownership as of today. assures me and everyone they want to maintain the nature of the site as it is and has asked me to continue to run the site as it has always been. I know a few members will not take kindly to this news but that’s to be expected.

In our agreement gives me 100% control of the Nationals. All my sponsor agreements are as is and will continue to be for the duration of the agreements. also agrees to allow the Nationals to continue for a minimum of 3 years. We expect no road blocks so I plan to have this event for years beyond.

In closing I’d like to thank the many members who have offered their support, friendship and words of encouragement through the years. This site has been a great place for many over the years and we plan for it to be for many more years to come.

Monty Mikho

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