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Brandford, ON – 1-2 KNOCKOUT PUNCH – Kasper Racing… The Father/Son Team With The Muscle To Get It Done! Making their mark in March 2013 Coverthe high-power fast paced world of Outlaw 10.5 Drag Racing is Tommy Kasper and his son TJ.

ORANGE JUICED – Gary Courtier’s Rise To The Top Of Nitrous Oxide Drag Racing. In 2012 Courtier entered the “5-second 1/4-mile club” in his wild nitrous injected Camaro that houses almost 900 cubic inches of power beneath it’s skin… now that adds up to a lot of horses!

THE IRS …The Other IRS – For years now Corvette owners have been dealing with the problems of getting their car’s “IRS” (independent rear suspension) to work in the unforgiving world of Drag Racing. Ohio racer Mark Carlyle has chosen to tough it out with his factory style IRS, and the results are incredible.

“EVOLUTION” – The Chevelles Of Ron Mroz & Mark Gjavenis – Fast street cars sure have gone through a lot of stages in evolution over the past two decades. True 9-second street cars were few and far between, and if you had an 8-second ride you were most likely becoming a household name.

Continuing the Tradition – In the December 2012 issue of RPM this very photo was used to bid farewell to Dave Hance and his 10-year run of Shakedown events… oh what a difference just a few short months makes!

Getting Back on Track – Under Pressure – Part 1 – When it comes to building horsepower we have several types of power adders to choose from. As many readers know, turbochargers are the current wave in performance and racing.

Pro Modified Goes X-Treme – At the end of 2012, the future of the ADRL was left in limbo. Ownership was looking to sell and offers were being made. After deliberations and planning, three friends and businessmen very familiar with racing and operating under the moniker of MPH Motorsports, went against the current economic trends and breathed life into the Xtreme Drag Racing League.

RPM Project THUG – In Case of Fire – For many of us obsessed with go fast parts and the latest developments in horsepower, race car fire systems is the last thing on our minds.

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