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Two-Car Team of Hossler, Todd Looking Forward To 2011 ADRL Season

 Courtesy of ADRL

O’FALLON, MO – While he did not race a year ago, J.R. Todd spent plenty of time at American Drag Racing League (ADRL) events in 2010.

One of his usual stops was the pit of Pro Extreme driver Alex Hossler, where the duo talked, hung out and quickly became good friends.

That friendship turned into a partnership as they now form a two-car Pro Extreme team headed by Rob Flynn, Mike Guger and Al-Anabi Racing.

As teammates, the relationship has been just as fruitful and each has made quite an impact in the Arabian Drag Racing League, winning a combined three races. Todd, a former Top Fuel standout in the NHRA, has proven to be quick-learner in his stunning ’57 Chevy, winning two races, while Hossler won the latest race at Qatar Racing Club (QRC).

Todd is currently in the points lead for the 2010-2011 with three races remaining, and the strong winter already has the team thinking big for the 2011 ADRL Tour.

“Hopefully we can pick up where we left off in Qatar here in the U.S.,” Todd said. “We’re going to run both cars and do whatever it takes to get them both in the ‘Battle For The Belts.’ Just to qualify in the ADRL is going to be a tough chore, but I’m looking forward to racing with (Hossler) here in the states. We both work together well and that’s what it takes.”

Todd struck up a friendship with Al-Anabi owner KH Al-Thani, which led to Todd attending a number of ADRL races during the 2010 season.

That eventually led to an offer to drive a PX car and his fast friendship with Hossler helped it become a two-car team.

Hossler has also enjoyed how the two cars have operated, as team has been behind every decision.

“We’re definitely doing it the right way,” Hossler said. “We trade information and we’re swapping parts back and forth, seeing how they react differently with engine combinations.

“It’s been awesome. I know if I can’t win, I want to see my teammate do well.”

Todd shares a similar notion and that teamwork is a key reason why the ultra-talented driver has gotten off to such a hot start in his Pro Extreme career.

Consistently putting up times in the low-to-mid 3.6s, Todd won Round Two at QRC, adding a second victory two races later.

He compared his Garrett Livingston-built ’57 Chevy, which he admitted is a real “head-turner,” to a Cadillac in terms of how well it has performed, and Todd has already exceeded his own expectations in Qatar.

“I’ve definitely been blown away with the results we’ve had so far,” Todd said. “These cars have always been appealing to me and when I got offered to drive one, I couldn’t turn it down.

“(The team) kind of thinks outside the box and things seem to work for us. It’s been a dream to drive and we haven’t missed a beat yet. It’s been a win-win all the way around.”

Hossler finally overcame a flurry of minor frustrations to win Round Five in Qatar, putting up a career-best 3.62 at more than 210 miles per hour in the process.

He has been impressed with the job Flynn and Guger have done, as they’ve pushed the envelope while still enabling his car to go down the track. Todd’s laid-back and easygoing attitude has also meshed well with Hossler’s intense personality.

“He’s super cool and he’s proven winner for sure,” Hossler said. “He’s already proven that in a door car. It’s always going to help (me) succeed being around people like that.”

Reaching the 3.5s is the next goal for both and, like Todd, Hossler is excited to see what the 2011 ADRL Tour will hold for the two-car team.

“There’s a lot of good cars out there,” Hossler said. “It’s going to be real tough, but it’s going to be fun.”

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