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Transportation Needed for Oklahoma Tornado Victims

Arcadia, OK – Godspeed Ministry and Car Care Ministry is asking for vehicles to be donated so that we can meet the need created by the Car Care May 19 and 20 tornados.

We have a need for serviceable automobiles that need little or no repair so that we can get them to the people that have an immediate need.  You will receive a fair market value deduction for your donation of a car that is given to an approved applicant.

Godspeed Ministry has been helping single moms, families in need and the elderly with donated transportation for over ten years.

Godspeed Ministry needs your help to help others.  Please donate what you can.  Our resources will run out quickly.  Money for supplies to restore donated cars, parts and tires will allow Car Care Ministry to continue to bless those in need.

Car Care Ministry also has a need for volunteers to prepare these cars for donation.  All skill levels, window cleaners to certified technicians will be put to work. We will post times and location on

If you have a car to donate, or would like to help with any other resource, please call or text Larry Smiley at 405-834-4301.  I will respond to every text and call.

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