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Brandford, ON – Today’s Front Page News— Issue 5, 2013 added to the RPM MAGAZINE E-MAG online magazine line-up!

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HIGH VOLTAGE AND GOLD – To know where you’re going you have to know where you’ve been. John Grinwald’s 1964 Thunderbolt “High Voltage” & 1965 A/FX Dodge Coronet “Gold Digger” combine all the nostalgia of the early days of drag racing with the awesome power potential of today.

13-05 350REMEMBER – When a car truly grabs your attention it leaves a lasting memory. Such is the case with the iconic Soff Seal ’57 Chevy, which was first campaigned by one of the original Pro Modified drivers, Rob Vandergriff. The car blew people away when it debuted, and continues to do so many years later.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS- PROJECT R35 – They’re everything, or are they? Getting the wrong first impression of Martin Smith’s street/strip Nissan and thinking it is simply a “road car” will probably end up with you in the losing lane! Martin may just have the best of ALL worlds… on the street? An incredible sleek machine that turns any head. On the dragstrip? Enough power to lay waste to most anyone who lines up beside him!

TAKING PRO MOD LOCAL – With high fuel prices, time away from work & the cost of accommodations it makes sense to pick up on a Pro Mod series that runs fairly local, one you can sink your teeth into and really be a part of as a racer or fan.

NEVER SATISFIED – For Canadian drag racer Nick Agostino, there is no such thing as an “off-season”. Sure, the frosty white north will certainly hurt 60-foot times and make for a wild ride at the top end in mid January, but that doesn’t stop Nick and his team from preparing a few special changes that are destined to put a little more fire in the pipes the following spring.

THE FIVE SECOND PHENOMENON – Drag racers are a special breed of athletes. They don’t have the second half of the game to make up lost points or mistakes, or make a comeback. They don’t have the chance to tie a game to bring the game into overtime.

GREEN MACHINE – With the engine, transmission, torque converter and AEM Dyno-Shaft installed in our “Green Machine” 1966 Bel Air, we have focused our attention to the suspension and data acquisition system.

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