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NEOPMA Nitrous Class Competitor Gary Courtier Looks forward to 2011

Courtesy of NEOPMA

Manorville, NY – 2010 has been a very good year for us at Gary Courtier Racing. While getting the new Fulton powered Jerry Bickel 68’ Camaro Pro Mod sorted out and trying to be consistent has given Gary Courtier lots of seat time in 2010. Towards the end of the season we felt we were on the right track. A huge thank you to Nick Lacerenza for getting the car down the track almost every time.

A special thanks to Larry Gonzalez for always being there for the team. Dale and Donna Brinsfield for all their support, and Dale for teaching me to be more relaxed and helping improve my driving skills to make me a better driver. Eric and Gil Davis for their great service and help at the track. Fredy Scriba and crew for all their help and for lending us parts when we needed them the most. Thanks to Milt Decker for all his knowledge. The first time Milt was with us, he sensed something is not right with the nitrous system, made a few calls and adjustments and we went the best time we ever went and all numbers were good from the 60’ to 1320’, with a best ET to date of 6.17 at 230 mph.

Thanks to my 2010 crew Larry, George, Tony, Franky, Bobby K, Jason.

Gary Courtier Racing Team Crew for 2011 will be Milt Decker, Larry Gonzalez, George the Greek, Tony Candella, Franky, Jason, Eric Davis, Bobby K “THE CHEF”, Donna and Dale Brinsfield whenever they can be there.

Courtier Racing is looking for a great 2011 with the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods.   

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