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Last ADRL Event For Bush’s Bel Air

Elma, NY (August 5, 2009) – One of the most recognizable cars on the ADRL Circuit is the Tommy D’Aprile driven ‘62 Bel Air of Mel Bush. At every ADRL event the crowds gather in the pit of the Mel Bush Motorsports team with many telling Mel, Tommy, or the crew stories of the bubble top they once had.

 “The car has a cult like following,” says driver Tommy D’Aprile. “Everywhere we go people love this car. If it could sign autographs I think more people would want the cars than mine.”

 The Bel Air will be replaced in ADRL competition by a new ‘70 ½ Camaro from Dan Page Race Cars. Originally built for team owner Mel Bush to drive; the car will now be shoed by D’Aprile.

 “When I first commissioned Dan to build this car I was going to drive it but recent health issues made another decision for me,” stated Bush. “The Bel Air is a fantastic car but she’s still at legal weight. It would be very expensive to get her down to a competitive weight for ADRL racing so, with the other car already in the works I decided to get that car as light as fiscally possible. I think some of these new light weight cars are a bit over board and causing the cost of being competitive to sky rocket unnecessarily. Our new car is pretty light and Dan was able to work within the budget I set. So far I’m very happy with the car.”

 With Mel and his wife, Johanne celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on the same date the as the ADRL Hardee’s Gateway Drags II the two will miss the last ADRL race of their famed ’62 Bel Air.

 “Mel and I will be with family and friends celebrating our 50th so we’ll miss the race, but you can be sure we’ll be getting all the updates off of the Internet and from phone calls. I’d love to see her last ADRL race be a win,” said Johanne Bush.

 The ADRL Hardee’s Gateway Drags II will be held at Gateway International Raceway in Madison, Illinois on August 7th and 8th.

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