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Keith Haney ready to double up at Throw Down with Notorious and Enigma

TULSA, OK – Keith Haney has a pair of reasons why he’s excited for the Throw Down in T-Town this weekend at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park: Notorious and Enigma and to top it all off this is the first time BOTH cars have been at the same event.

“Notorious” is the Lucas Oil/ Pro Nitrous Chevrolet Camaro that Haney will race in the Mid-West Pro Mod Series portion of the Throw Down, while “Enigma” is entered in the Radial vs. The World Class at Tulsa.

Whether Haney will drive both Keith Haney Racing cars himself remains to be seen. Fans need to come to the Throw Down to find out.

“Notorious hasn’t raced all year long,” Haney said. “Enigma has raced in two races, and now we’re bringing both Notorious and Enigma to Tulsa – and we’re going to kick everybody’s asses in Radial vs. The World and the new Mid-West Pro Mod Series.

“I have not said who I’m going to put in Enigma. I had some scheduling conflicts with a couple people – and I’m not saying I won’t drive. I may wheel both cars. Our program is in great shape. We’ve not run the Pro Nitrous car with the new, updated motor, so we really don’t know what it’s going to do. We’re trying some new Menscer Motorsports shocks on the car, and we’ll test those Thursday.”

The Throw Down marks the first points race of the new Mid-West Pro Mod Series, and Haney expects some of the big names in Pro Mod at the event. Well, many of the big names.

“I’m afraid those East coast boys are going to stay home because they’re a little afraid of the Midwest guys,” Haney said. “Unless they want to come play with us, then they’re welcome to come over. But we know they’re a little nervous about heading over – we don’t have mind-shaft air.”

Fans can follow the racing on, which will have live feeds on Friday and Saturday.

“The team is excited and ready to roll,” Haney said. “They’re excited about having both cars at the same race. (Tuners) Brandon Pesz and Brandon Switzer have worked out their magic.”

Haney has two other reasons why he’s excited for the Throw Down: He’s lost in the final round in the last two Throw Down races.

“We’re coming out this time, and we’re going to drag their asses,” Haney said. “The Radial vs. The World guys ought to just stay home. Enigma’s coming, so they shouldn’t even show up.”

Haney’s team is supported by numerous sponsors, for which Haney is extremely grateful Lucas Oil, Strange Engineering, Racepak Data, Classifieds, Five Star Race Car Bodies, Reher-Morrison Racing Engines, Motec Systems USA, Switzer Dynamics, Brandon Pesz Power Performance & Tuning, M&M Transmission, Menscer Motorsports LLC, Sander Engineering Inc, Drag Illustrated, Total Seal, Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels, Kryptonite Kustomz, LLC, Competition Plus, Duck X Productions and Larry Jeffers Race Cars.

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