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Jesel Joins Growing List of ADRL Official Sponsors

LAKE ST. LOUIS, MO – Officials from the American Drag Racing League announced today that Jesel has signed an agreement to join the growing list of ADRL official sponsors heading into the 2021 ADRL Tour.

Jesel Inc. is a leading valvetrain parts manufacturer specializing in rocker arms, belt drives, roller lifters, followers, and cam cores for high performance race engines. For more than 40 years, championship winning racers in virtually every form of motorsports from have relied on Jesel. Used by top engine builders worldwide, Jesel products continue to set the standard by which all others are measured.

“Our philosophy at Jesel has always been to build the finest components available and the best way to showcase a product is by seeing them used on some of the fastest cars driven by the best racers,” said Jesel Marketing Manager Rob Remesi. “We were thrilled to hear that the ADRL was returning and we look forward to years of a successful partnership sponsoring them.”

To learn more about Jesel, follow them on social media or visit their website at

The schedule for the 2021 ADRL Tour was announced at Dragstock XII, this year’s season finale. The season kicks off March 26-27, 2021 with the ADRL Gateway Drags and finishes up Oct. 22-23, 2021 with Dragstock XIII in St. Louis. The Texas Motorplex is hosting Dragpalooza April 30-May 1, 2021 and the ADRL US Drags Sept. 10-11, 2021. The ADRL Summer Drags (June 4-5) and ADRL Fall Drags (Oct. 1-2) will be run at facilities to be announced.

2021 ADRL Tour Schedule:

March 26-27: ADRL Gateway Drags (WWT Raceway)
April 30-May 1: ADRL Dragpalooza (Texas Motorplex)
June 4-5: ADRL Summer Drags (TBD)
Sept. 10-11: ADRL US Drags (Texas Motorplex)
Oct. 1-2: ADRL Fall Drags (TBD)
Oct. 22-23: ADRL Dragstock XIII (WWT Raceway)

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