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Evans to Showcase Benefits of Waterless Coolant

Sharon, Conn. – Evans Cooling Systems (, developer of the only waterless engine coolant, Evans Waterless Engine Coolantwill showcase the benefits of its revolutionary waterless cooling technology for high performance vehicles at the 22nd Annual Performance Racing Industry Trade Show, Booth #5713, December 10-12, 2009, at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Fla.

The Evans system was initially developed for cooling race engines to reliably increase power without the limiting conditions imposed by water-based coolant. Water-based coolant operates close to its boiling point and can ultimately lead to power loss from detonation or component failure due to pre-ignition in the form of piston damage, head gasket failure, or even cracked cylinder heads.

Evans waterless coolant is a 100% inhibited non-aqueous glycol blend, with a naturally high 370 degree F boiling point, which eliminates water-based problems, including the need to add high pressure to the cooling system. With low pressure, (i.e. 2 to 5 psi) in the system, gaskets, seals, hose connections and even the radiator core, operate safer and longer.

In addition to Evan’s own race teams and testing programs, Evan’s waterless coolant technology has been proven in many racing vehicles, street machines, trucks and motorcycles throughout the company’s more than 25 years serving the high performance arena. Evans waterless coolant has been run in 2000 HP drag cars, cross country vintage racers, and big block modified cars, and has also been proven invaluable in all makes of motorcycles; exotic high horsepower racing bikes to 1500cc, and 6 cylinder touring bikes.

Evans also offers waterless coolant system components such as high flow coolant pumps and enhanced aluminum radiators, which provide maximum engine performance and protection for competition engines that are pushed to extremes.

At PRI on Thursday, December 10, at 1:00 p.m., Evans will be presenting a seminar entitled “Advantages of Using Evans Waterless Coolant in Towing Applications.” Held in meeting room S230 H (2nd Level), and open to attendees, this seminar will address the advantages of using Evans cooling technology in all towing applications.

For more information on Evans products, visit the Evans booth, #5713, attend the seminar, or visit Evans online at

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