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End of School Surprise!

Pearblossom, CA – The kids at Pearblossom Elementary in Pearblossom, California received a surprise they won’t soon forget. Christy Lamica and Glenn Kirby brought there super comp dragster to the school to share it with the kids.
Originally the showing was to be for the sixth grade, but ended up being for the whole school which is comprised of 360 kids. “It was great seeing the kids raise their hands for questions, they were really curious about the car and about drag racing” Said Christy.
“I sat back and watched the crowds of kids jump in surprise when the motor started up, that was a lot of fun for them and me!” Glenn stated.

After the show Christy went into the sixth grade classroom answered questions from the students and handed out goody bags filled with stickers. Mrs. Jeannie Kirby, the 6th grade teacher, phoned Glenn the next day saying the kids were all abuzz and wearing some of the stickers that were in the bags. It was a great time for all.

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