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D’Aprile Hopes To Keep Momentum at ADRL’S Hardee’s Independence Drags III

Elma, NY (June 28, 2009) – After placing Mel Bush’s 62’ Bel Air in the number four spot at the ADRL’s Ford Drive One event in Martin Michigan a few weeks ago Driver, Tommy D’Aprile then posted his first 200 mile per hour pass in a first round win over Joey Martin.

“ I can’t believe it,” said D’Aprile. “To look at our deal from the outside would make you think we have a few things holding us back and we do, but those Jan-Cen Guys just know how to make monster power.” 

The momentum the team was hoping to build on was squashed when for the second event in a row Mother Nature put an end to the festivities forcing ADRL Officials to post pone the remainder of eliminations to the ADRL’S Hardee’s Independence Drags III July 3rd and 4th in Topeka, Kansas.

“It would’ve been nice to keep going in Martin. We we’re on a roll,” stated team owner Mel Bush. “Kevin (Crew Chief Kevin Peters Of Jan-Cen Motorsports) has this old sled moving. If we can get a good test pass in when we get to Topeka I know Kevin and Mike (Janis) will give Tommy everything he needs.”

In related news Mel Bush Motorsports has taken delivery of a new lightweight Dan Page Race Cars built 70 ½ Camaro. The Camaro is currently at Scott Jahren’s Tonawanda, NY shop being prepared for paint. The new car is set to debut at the next ADRL event near the end of the month in Dinwiddie, Virginia.

“The 62’ is a great car but to gain that extra competitive edge we needed to try and get some weight off of her. We did everything we could within reason but she’s still right around legal weight.  It’s a fantastic Pro Mod but we race Pro extreme now. The new car is extremely lighter. Dan did a fantastic job on the car; it’s a work of art.” Said Mel Bush.


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