Contrary to Rumors, Alan Pittman Race Cars Open for Business

Courtesy of Carpenter racing

GREENVILLE, SC – This Monday morning, the bay doors at Alan Pittman Race Cars swung open at 8 AM just as they do every weekday.

In the face of recent rumors that his renowned chassis fabrication business was closing, Alan Pittman would like to set the record straight: Alan Pittman Race Cars is not closing and is open for business.

“I started getting phone call after phone call this weekend from people saying they heard I had laid off all my employees and was closing the doors,” Pittman said. “It’s simply not true. It’s an unfortunate rumor that got started, and we all know

 how quickly rumors get out of control, especially in the racing industry. I just wanted to set the record straight as officially and publicly as possible. I owe it to my family, employees, and current and future customers.”

First thing Monday morning, Pittman and his team will once again go to work repairing Charles Carpenter’s ’55 Chevy after the doorslammer legend had a brush with the Virginia Motorsports Park wall in a runner-up effort at this weekend’s Extreme Outlaw Pro Mod Big Showdown. Carpenter was uninjured, and the damage was limited primarily to the body and its hardware. Pittman is confident Carpenter will be ready for ADRL Simpson Dragstock VII at Rockingham Dragway in two weeks.

Photo Courtesy Roger Richards

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