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Team Aruba

Team Aruba Prepares for Upcoming Georgia Drags, Thankful for Overwhelming Fan Support

UNION, NORTH CAROLINA — Despite their successful test run of 6.31 at 218mph before  last weekend’s Mountain Motor Pro Stock Association (MMPSA) inaugural race, Team Aruba was plagued with unfortunate bad luck as tire problems kept the team from performing optimally. “Off-course, we were trying new things to make our car go faster,” says Team Aruba driver, Trevor Eman. “But we ended up getting lost in our new changes, and didn’t get a handle on them until the first round of eliminations.”

Team Aruba quickly determined that their problems resided within their tires. “We pinpointed the issue, realizing that our problems stemmed from our tires. When we replaced them, we were able to get back down the track.”

Though The Rock presented its fair share of challenges, Team Aruba thoroughly enjoyed their time at the MMPSA season opener. “It was great to finally get the new MMPSA season underway,” Trevor comments. The return to quarter-mile track racing and familiar faces brought nostalgia to the team. “It was great to compete against teams that we used to race against while we were under the IHRA. They are a really great group of people, and the competition that comes with racing against them is just awesome.”

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Team Aruba Prepares to Compete in MMPSA Season Opener

UNION, SOUTH CAROLINA — This weekend, the Mountain Motor Pro Stock Association (MMPSA) inaugural race will take place at North Carolina’s Rockingham Dragway to kick off the 2010 MMPSA season. Awaiting the MMPSA season opener is Team Aruba, who is vigorously preparing for the opening race. “We’re excited to return to a quarter-mile track,” says Team Aruba driver, Trevor Eman. “We enjoy the competition on an eighth-mile track, but it’s nice to return to something we’ve done for so long.”

The MMPSA is a new drag racing series, with a proactive attitude towards keeping quarter mile racing alive. Team Aruba plans to run the entire 2010 MMPSA schedule, beginning with the April 10th race at Rockingham Dragway. “We just can’t wait for this weekend, since it’s going to be the inaugural MMPSA race. We hope to see a lot of fans and some great racing!” says Trevor. “The MMPSA has made so much progress in such a short time,” Eman praises. “I think the organization will make a great impression on race fans, race tracks, and all other onlookers in 2010.”

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