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Scott Palmer Racing

Scott Palmer preps for this weekend’s Four-Wide Nationals by driving his Studebaker

CONCORD, NC – Top Fuel driver Scott Palmer’s preparation for this weekend’s 10th annual NGK Spark Plugs NHRA Four-Wide Nationals included cruising Tulsa in his Studebaker. This comes on the heels of his interesting lead-in to the Houston race, which was highlighted by a cross-country search for mojo.

“That Studebaker is my golf game,” said Palmer, a drag racing throwback that still tunes his own racecars, including the Magic Dry Organic Absorbent Top Fuel dragster he’ll race in Charlotte. “Everybody else golfs to relax. That car is what makes me smile.”

To be clear, Palmer’s Studebaker isn’t quite like the one grandpa drove. His has a Top Fuel engine poking out of the hood and he dreams of making it run the quarter-mile in less than five seconds at speeds of more than 300 mph. It’s a car Palmer tinkers with on occasion and admittedly the project has gotten a tad out of control.

“It’s so crazy and outrageous,” Palmer said. “It doesn’t even make sense what we’ve done to that car, putting a Top Fuel motor in a door car like that. We have a great time with it, though, every time we roll it out and it gets me back to my center.

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Pair of semifinal finishes highlight Team Magic Dry’s day in Houston

First round win of young season gives Scott Palmer a boost

HOUSTON – Although no one ended up clutching a trophy Sunday, smiles still came pretty easy for the trio of drivers sponsored by racing legend Tommy Thompson and his Magic Dry Organic Absorbent product. Top Fuel Harley rider Rickey House and Top Alcohol Dragster pilot Shane Conway both reached the semifinals, while Top Fuel favorite Scott Palmer found a little of last year’s mojo by winning his first elimination round of the season.

“We finally got out of the first round and got some of our mojo back,” Palmer said. “I was definitely singing Bee Gee songs in my head when I was staging in Round 1 and it worked because we got the win. I tried it again in the second round but I was a little distracted and had a bad light. I must have been in the wrong part of the song.

“Still, it was nice to get out of the first round and get to the second round for my crew. Half the team is new this year and that was the first time they got to experience a win and what it takes to turn the car around on race day and get ready for another round. They performed flawlessly and I’m super proud.”

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Magic Dry teammates Scott Palmer, Rickey House, primed for Houston race day

HOUSTON – Top Fuel dragster driver Scott Palmer and Top Fuel Harley rider Rickey House successfully placed their Magic Dry Organic Absorbent-branded race machines in the elimination field of this weekend’s 32nd annual Mopar Express Lane NHRA SpringNationals presented by Pennzoil.

Unlike most race weekends, the final professional qualifying session ended up being the best of the four due to a weather system moving through the area that brought cooler temperatures. While House was able to post his best run of the meet in Q4, Palmer couldn’t capitalize due to a mechanical issue, but he chose to accept that turn of fate as a bit of good luck.

“That last run we were trying to run a low 3.70 like everyone else but we had a clutch malfunction,” Palmer explained. “A piece in the clutch broke and that killed the run. Basically, stuff like that is just about unavoidable so there are two ways to look at it. You can look at it as bad luck or you can luck at as good luck because it didn’t happen tomorrow in the first round of eliminations.”

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Summoning John Travolta, Top Fuel ace Scott Palmer wants his mojo back in Houston

HOUSTON – Standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona, Top Fuel pilot Scott Palmer didn’t summon Glenn Frey and the Eagles, as so many others have in that exact location, but the rather odd combination of John Travolta and the Bee Gees. It all makes perfect sense for Palmer, the driver of the 11,000-horsepower Magic Dry Organic Absorbent dragster, as he explains.

“I’m driving over from Vegas and I stopped in Winslow Arizona because, well it’s Winslow Arizona from the Eagle’s song Take It Easy,” Palmer said. “But I didn’t exactly feel like taking it easy because we have a great racecar that just hasn’t shown the world what we’re capable of this year.

“So I’m in Winslow and instead of seeing a girl in a flatbed Ford, I see the Mojo Coffee Company and it hits me…we need to get our Mojo back. That’s been my goal ever since. It started in Winslow and I bought enough Mojo coffee for everyone and we’re gonna be drinking lots of it. Plus, that store was owned by Navajo Indians and they really believe in mojo. It’s a spiritual thing to them, and now me too.”

Palmer has a point. His dragster has run well all season but they just haven’t caught a break on race day just yet. The only thing that seems to be missing from their successful 2018 campaign, then ended in a second consecutive top-10 finish, is a dash of better luck.

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Magic Dry Absorbent Top Fuel pro Scott Palmer enjoying his retooled dragster

LAS VEGAS – It doesn’t quite have the “new car smell” of a brand-new Top Fuel dragster, but Scott Palmer’s retooled Magic Dry Organic Absorbent rail has delivered just as many smiles in its’ first race out — this weekend’s 20th annual Denso Spark Plugs Four-Wide Nationals at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Palmer and crew left the last race in Florida and went to Indianapolis to pick up a new chassis that was waiting on them. While at MLR, they had the dragster they’d been running the past year and a half freshened up, which included a new front end. According to Palmer, the “old girl” feels like a completely different beast, especially during the 3.790 at 323.27 mph he used to qualify 11th on the race day ladder.

“This thing is unreal,” Palmer said. “It’s like a whole new car. So far, pretty much everything we’ve asked it to do, it’s responded, so we are super happy. Of course, we ran our career best numbers a few times earlier this year with this same car and now we’re here running well, only under different conditions.

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Magic Dry pro Scott Palmer securing all the pieces to put him on top of Top Fuel

LAS VEGAS – After starting the year with a slew of personal best runs in his Magic Dry Organic Absorbent Top Fuel dragster, man-of-the-people Scott Palmer is convinced he’s drastically improved his stock in the fight for class dominance heading into this weekend’s 20th annual Denso Spark Plugs Four-Wide Nationals.

Straight after the completion of the Gatornationals on March 17, Palmer and crew headed to Indianapolis to take delivery of a brand-new MLR chassis. While there, they made some necessary updates to the car that carried Palmer to all those big numbers with hopes of making it a reliable back-up once the new car goes into service.

“The new car is in the trailer but we probably won’t run it until Charlotte (April 26-28),” Palmer said. “We are waiting on a new paint scheme and some other things and then we will roll it out. It’s the first car I’ve ever had that was built 100-percent for me. Everything on it is new, so I’m not going to rush bringing it out. We want to make sure it’s good to go from every aspect.

“What’s cool is the car we have been running was front-halved and freshened up while we were at MLR so it’s basically new. It had a lot of runs on it and we found some problems. It’s been wanting to go sideways in the burnout and then when I step on the gas, even on a good run, the back end would try to washout.

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Magic Dry’s Rickey House knocks off Top Fuel Harley series leader Doug Vancil with career-best pass

GAINESVILLE, FL – Rickey House used a remarkable career-best elapsed time of 6.205 seconds to record a huge upset win over series leader Doug Vancil in the opening round of the Mickey Thompson Tires NHRA Top Fuel Harley Drag Racing Series Sunday at the 50th anniversary Amalie Oil Gatornationals.

Racing against the higher-qualified bike of Vancil, House’s 6.205 at 225.26 mph lopped a huge chunk off his qualifying effort of 6.378 at 222 mph and propelled him to an end-to-end victory over Vancil’s 6.230 at 235.43 mph. House was even sharp at the Christmas Tree, leaving with a .015-second reaction time to Vancil’s .041-second launch.

“We’d struggled all weekend in qualifying with parts breaking and what-not so to pull off a career-best pass in Round 1 against the guy everyone is chasing in the points was really satisfying,” said House, who hails from the Houston suburb of Humble, Texas. “I pretty much knew Doug was going to be quick so I tuned the bike up for a big run and it held. Having a good light there was kind of icing on the cake.”

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