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Troy Coughlin returns to action with a turbo Pro Mod car

Courtesy of Jegs

GAINESVILLE. FL – Four years ago, world champion drag racer Troy Coughlin made the bold move to try a turbocharged powerplant in his Pro Mod entry. The results with the brand-new technology were mixed at best, as Coughlin and his crew mostly struggled to harness the massive amounts of horsepower the combination was producing.

Fast forward to 2011 and this weekend’s 42nd annual Tire Kingdom NHRA Gatornationals, the season-opening event of the Get Screened America Pro Mod Drag Racing Series, and Coughlin is back with a turbo power-adder, looking for much better results, including some victories and a potential run at the championship.

“The technology between now and then has improved so much,” said Coughlin, who abandoned his first foray into turbocharged racecars to chase the National Muscle Car Association title, which he won in 2009. “The parts are better and engines are holding together without damage for a lot longer.

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T.J. Coughlin dreaming big as he heads to Gatornationals

Courtesy of Jegs

GAINESVILLE, FL – JEGS Super Comp dragster driver Troy Coughlin Jr.’s goal of contending for the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series national championship in 2011 begins this weekend at the 42nd annual Tire Kingdom NHRA Gatornationals at historic Gainesville Raceway.

Beginning the day after his famous grandfather Jeg Coughlin Sr. gets inducted into Don Garlits’ International Drag Racing Hall of Fame, the significance and prestige of competing at one of drag racing’s “majors” is not lost on the 20-year-old Coughlin, who is known as T.J. to his friends and family.

“If you’re a drag racer than the Gatornationals definitely gets your heart pumping,” T.J. said. “I remember my dad (Troy Coughlin) racing to the final round there when I was 9 years old and I was listening at home. He had Warren Johnson in the final and W.J. beat him that day and I was so upset I threw my shoe at the T.V. My mom just about killed me.

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Canadian NHRA Pro Modified teams preparing to head to Florida

 Courtesy of PMRA

Gainsville, FL – Canada will be well-represented in the NHRA Get Screened American Pro Mod Series at the upcoming NHRA Gatornationals in Florida.

Ike Maier of Tottenham, Ontario, Raymond Commisso of Toronto, Ontario, and Ken Lang of Grand Pointe, Manitoba will all be making the trek to Gainesville for the second race in the 2011 NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series tour.

The Pro Mod session at Gainesville will be the first of 10 such events at selected NHRA races this year.

“It should be interesting this year with the rules changes,” noted Maier, who will be driving his 1963 Corvette Pro Mod. “The most important change is the reduction in the blower drive, and a lot of teams will be struggling to get the right combination.”

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Courtesy of Jackson Racing

Baytown, TX – In today’s competitive NHRA Top Alcohol Funny Car division, it’s important to take advantage of every racing opportunity; especially when expectations are not achieved.

An event runner-up finish at the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series event in Baytown, Texas for Rick Jackson’s team this past weekend provided the Centre Pointe Collision Center Ford Mustang and driver Tony Bartone with valuable tuning information as well as 64 valuable NHRA National Points.

One week after an event winning and world record setting race weekend at the NHRA Winternationals in Pomona, Calif., the Jackson Racing TAFC headed to Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown to kick off their 2011 NHRA Div. 4 LODRS season and defend their 2010 Divisional Championship.

As qualifying began for the Santa Clarita, Calif. headquartered team, after an on-and-off the throttle and early shut-off 6.563second elapsed time instantly put the team behind the tuning curve.

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Courtesy of Kon Rodz Racing

Maple, Ont. – The winter months in The Great White North of Ontario, Canada are often cold, dark and dreary. However, the past six weeks have been hot, full of hard work and optimism for Spiro Kontos and his Maple, Ont. Kon Rodz Racing Top Alcohol Funny Car team.

This weekend, they will head due-south to South George Motorsports Park located in Valdosta, Ga. to provide new crew chief Randy Anderson and second year driver Cassie Simonton an opportunity to fine-tune their new set up in a test session prior to their NHRA Season debut at the 43rd Tire Kingdom NHRA Gator Nationals.

The Kon Rodz Racing team made several wholesale changes in the off season, including acquiring the tuning talents of Anderson, the former two-time NHRA TAFC World Champion and NHRA Nitro Funny Car pilot.

During the cold and snowy months leading up to the 2011 season debut, the team spent countless hours preparing a new motor combination, adding new colors to the teams Monte Carlo body and new transporter. All the pieces are in place for a much improved 2011 campaign and team owner Kontos is chopping at the bit.

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Johnny Ahten Exits Early With Satisfying Results in Pomona

Courtesy of Ahten Family Racing

Pomona, CA –  With rain significantly changing qualifying attempts and eliminations in Phoenix and Pomona, Johnny Ahten and his team are still very happy with their end results.

Ahten’s team entered the gates to Pomona with a brand new fuel system and combination.  At the end of their first round of eliminations, consultant, Don Jackson,  and Crew Chief, Al Ahten, found that they had taken their Clean Boost Performance Oil / Island Renovations A/Fuel Dragster in the right direction.

“First round was our first planned full pass” noted Ahten, “The car was on a mid to high 5.20 pass according to the increments and started dropping holes around 900 feet.  To say the least, we were very happy with those results with the little data we had acquired up to that point.

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Chris Demke’s Consistency in Pomona Earns Semi Final Finish

Courtesy of Maddern Racing

Pomona, CA – Pulling into the races with the #2 on your race car gives a whole new meaning to any race team.  As friendly as all the racers are with each other in the pits, when it’s race day, they all want to be the team that puts the higher ranked team on the trailer.

There is no question that Maddern Racing, with pilot Chris Demke, have proven themselves to be a power house each and every time they compete.  The Clean Boost Performance Oil / Peen Rite Dragster ran within .04 hundredths of a second all weekend with mid to high 5.20 passes that secured them into the #2 qualifying position for race day and took them into the Semi Final round of competition.

“In the semi final match, the car launched hard” noted Demke, “it lifted the front wheels up and started heading for the wall so I had to pedal the throttle to settle it down.  The car did settle down, but the elapse time suffered and we ended up running an uncharacteristic pass of 6.322 at 156.23.

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