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San Antonio, TX – VP Racing Fuels, Inc., today announced they have been named the Official Fuel of the Mid-West Pro Mod Racing Series. The all 1/8-mile drag racing series competes in events in Oklahoma, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, and Texas.

“At VP we’ve always strived to have the best fuels out there and when you look at these racers in the Mid-West Pro Mod Series, especially the nitrous Pro Mods, these racers need top-grade fuels in order to run right and go fast,” said Jason Rueckert, VP Racing Fuels Midwest Regional Manager. “These high-profile relationships also allow us to promote our brand to enthusiasts and general consumers. The products we have for them were built with the same dedication and attention to quality and performance as our race fuel products.”

In addition to providing a full menu of race fuels for series competitors, VP’s Lane Choice™ traction compound is used by a large number of series tracks to provide the racing surface needed for the high horsepower Pro Mods.

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s nitrous like my cars or blowers or turbos, these engines can be pretty finicky and anything you can do to make them more predictable will only help,” said series owner and competitor Keith Haney. “Having a company like VP Racing Fuels, with all their research and testing behind them, come on board as our official fuel supplier will help everyone to be more consistent with their tune-ups. And in drag racing consistency is everything.”

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Strange Engineering Joins Mid-West Pro Mod Series as Season Sponsor

TULSA, OK – The Frankenstein Engine Dynamics Mid-West Pro Mod Series (MWPMS) is proud to announce Strange Engineering has come on board as an official series sponsor for its 2018 racing season. Headquartered in a 120,000-square-foot facility in Morton Grove, IL, Strange Engineering has been a leading manufacturer of high-performance driveline and suspension components for more than 50 years and also is a team sponsor to MWPMS owner, promoter and competitor Keith Haney.

“I’ve trusted Strange Engineering parts on both of my race cars for several years, so I know what they bring to the table: honesty, integrity and great customer service,” said Haney, who races in both the Pro Mod and Radial vs. the World classes with a pair of nearly identical-looking 2016 Camaros. “It truly is an honor for everyone in the Mid-West Pro Mod Series to welcome a company with such a long, rich history like Strange as an important marketing partner this year.”

As the son of company founder Bob Stange (pronounced “Stang-ee”), Strange Engineering President Jeff Stange literally grew up in the sport and personally witnessed a great deal of drag racing history. He said he sees “a lot of the old days” in the way Haney and the Mid-West Pro Mod Series operate.

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Keith Haney Racing Encouraged by Strong Start at MWPMS Season Opener

TULSA, OK – After fielding championship-winning entries for both the Pro Mod and Radial vs. the World (RvW) classes in last year’s Frankenstein Engine Dynamics Mid-West Pro Mod Series (MWPMS), Keith Haney Racing went into the organization’s 2018 season opener this past weekend as the team to beat. With team principal and MWPMS organizer and promoter Keith Haney driving his nitrous-fed 2016 Camaro for the Bruce Lowrie Chevrolet North vs. South Frankenstein Pro Mod Shootout, it was left to Street Outlaws star “Daddy Dave” Comstock to wheel Haney’s nearly identical-appearing RvW entry at the Texas Motorplex, just south of Dallas.

“Since we won the championship last fall we didn’t even test my Pro Mod car, ‘Notorious,’ but we did test in ‘Enigma,’ the radial car at Dallas, because Daddy Dave needed to make those passes in order to get his NHRA license,” Haney explained. “So I just kind of helped him, walked him through things until he was pretty comfortable in the seat and he ended up doing an amazing job all weekend.”

After qualifying second with a 3.85-seconds pass behind Jeff Naiser’s 3.79 in Radial vs. the World, Comstock wound up racing the top qualifier in the final round, where Naiser took the win home to Houston after making another 3.79 run over the Motorplex eighth mile.

“You know, I finished runner-up with that same car just a couple of weeks earlier in Georgia,” said Haney, referencing Lights Out 9, the first big radial race of the year. “It’s obviously a great car and Dave got everything he could out of it. He did a great job and my hat’s off to him.”

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Menscer Motorsports Returns as Official Mid-West Pro Mod Series Sponsor

TULSA, OK – The Frankenstein Engine Dynamics Mid-West Pro Mod Series (MWPMS) is proud to announce the return of Menscer Motorsports as an official series sponsor for the 2018 racing season. Menscer Motorsports, based in Fayetteville, NC, is the leading high-performance shock absorber specialist in drag racing today and also a team sponsor to MWPMS owner, promoter and competitor Keith Haney.

“That’s really how we got involved with the series, because we helped Keith out with his car when he decided to go radial racing. But our schedule was completely booked last year and we weren’t able to make any of the races, so I was kind of bummed about that, but having sponsored it last year and knowing we were going to do it again coming into this year, we were able to block out a few dates. I still haven’t got everything firmed up, but I plan on going to at least three of the Mid-West Series events this year,” company founder Mark Menscer said.

He explained that being involved with the MWPMS not only provides a good Midwestern presence for Menscer Motorsports, but the series’ variety of classes offers an ideal venue to expand his company’s influence in Pro Mod racing.

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Atomizer Racing Injectors Named Official Sponsor of Mid-West Pro Mod Series

TULSA, OK – The Frankenstein Engine Dynamics Mid-West Pro Mod Series (MWPMS) is proud to announce Atomizer Racing Injectors as its official fuel injector sponsor for the 2018 racing season.

“I use Atomizer Racing Injectors on my cars, so I know how good they are,” MWPMS organizer and competitor Keith Haney said. “We couldn’t be happier to welcome Jack and everyone at Atomizer as an official sponsor.

Based in Toano, VA, Atomizer Fuel Systems ( was founded 10 years ago by Jack French, a 23-year veteran of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) fuel injectors who recognized the need for high-capacity, drag racing fuel injectors.

“I started up this company doing purpose-built racing pieces because there was no good fuel injector option out there for high-flow, high-horsepower engines,” French said. “We were very limited in the booster world in terms of fuel delivery compared to the amount of air you can put in, so the whole performance of these vehicles changed when we started giving them the fuel they need.

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‘Daddy Dave’ Joins Keith Haney Racing for MWPMS Season Opener

TULSA, OK – Vowing to “drive his car better than he does,” veteran street racer “Daddy Dave” Comstock has agreed to step into Keith Haney’s 2017 championship-winning Radials vs. the World (RvW) ride Mar. 2-3, for the season-opening Frankenstein Engine Dynamics Mid-West Pro Mod Series (MWPMS) event at the Texas Motorplex, near Dallas.

“Keith knows I can drive and I’m real competitive and more than ready to push things right to the edge,” stated Comstock, a regular on the Discovery Channel’s runaway hit Street Outlaws TV show. “I’m going to drive it like it’s my own and I’ve been known to grenade stuff before in order to win, so …,” his voice trailed off. “No sense in leaving anything on the table.”

Haney said he expects nothing less. “Dave is an aggressive driver, a good driver, exactly the kind of guy I want in there. It’s a proven car, a race winner and a championship winner, so he better do at least as well as I did,” he countered with a laugh.

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Tucci to Announce, Crossnoe to Prep MWPMS Season Opener in Texas

TULSA, OK – In a great show of faith for the Frankenstein Engine Dynamics Mid-West Pro Mod Series (MWPMS), Texas Motorplex General Manager Andy Carter has hired famed public-address announcer Al Tucci to call the action Mar. 2-3, at the Bruce Lowrie Chevrolet North vs. South Frankenstein Pro Mod Shootout. Additionally, renowned track prep specialist Tyler Crossnoe will be on-site throughout pre-race testing, qualifying and elimination rounds for the first MWPMS event ever to be held at the state-of-the-art facility near Dallas.

“Andy (Carter) has really stepped up. The addition of Al Tucci takes things to a whole new level,” declared MWPMS organizer and promoter Keith Haney, who also competes in the series. “There’s simply no one else out there with Al’s knowledge of the racers, their histories, their families, and their sponsors. There’s also no one quite like him once he gets going. He knows how to take care of marketing partners like no one else and brings a whole new level of excitement and enthusiasm to his work.

“And bringing in Tyler Crossnoe to prep the track again demonstrates the commitment of the Texas Motorplex to the Mid-West Pro Mod Series, especially to our drag radial racers,” Haney continued. “Tyler is young, but very experienced. He’s already known as the absolute best at making a track hook up for both slick and radial-equipped cars. With his help it’s going to be one badass show where we may just see records set and bars raised.”

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