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Keith Haney Racing

Haney Happy with Lights Out 9 Results

VALDOSTA, GA – Straight out of the box after winning the Mid-West Pro Mod Series Radials vs. the World championship last fall, Keith Haney drove his nitrous-boosted 2016 Camaro to an impressive runner-up finish Feb. 18, at Lights Out 9, the biggest, most prestigious standalone drag radial race in the world. After qualifying eighth for the 32-car RvW field at South Georgia Motorsports Park, the Tulsa, OK-based new car dealer defeated four worthy rivals before coming up just a little short of Georgia’s own “Stevie Fast” Jackson.

“Amazing. To come out here and run like this and get to the finals when everybody said I wouldn’t, and make career-best runs in this car, well, it really couldn’t be much better,” Haney said shortly after covering the SGMP eighth mile in 3.77 seconds at 199.52 mph, compared to 3.74 at 199.67 for Jackson in the $50,000-to-win final round. “We didn’t do any testing before coming here. None whatsoever–and everybody knows it–so my team, I just couldn’t be any prouder of them.”

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Haney Heads Home from No Mercy 8 for Double Duty at Throwdown in T-Town

TULSA, OK – Fresh off a second-round finish with his drag radial-equipped entry at No Mercy 8 in Valdosta, Georgia, veteran driver Keith Haney now has his sights set on returning home for Throwdown in T-Town at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park. Haney, a local new car dealer who also co-owns the Tulsa drag strip with fellow racer Todd Martin, will compete this weekend (Oct. 13-14) in two cars entered in two distinct classes for the

Throwdown, which promises to be one of the biggest races nationwide this year.
With a 3.91-seconds pass at 197.36 mph over the eighth mile at South Georgia Motorsports Park (SGMP), Haney qualified “Enigma,” his nitrous-oxide-boosted 2016 Camaro 19th for the event’s top-level, 32-car Radials vs. the World field.

“No excuses, but we were trying out a whole new setup and that put us a little behind in qualifying,” Haney explained. “Then, just before the final round of qualifying we realized we were nearly 150 pounds overweight with the car so we took more than a hundred pounds off, but didn’t compensate enough for it and the nose came up and stayed up and I had to get out of it and that’s what put us so far down the ladder.”

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Keith Haney Racing enjoying dream season with “Notorious,” “Enigma”

TULSA, OK – Keith Haney is in the middle of a terrific season with his Keith Haney Racing team, a testament to the talented, hard-working crew members who support KHR’s “Notorious” and “Enigma” race cars. Notorious is the Lucas Oil/ Chevrolet Camaro Pro Mod, while Enigma is KHR’s drag radial race car. Both have performed well this season, under the tuning of Brandon Pesz and Brandon Switzer.

KHR experienced a particularly strong race its last time out at Gateway Motorsports Park earlier this month. Enigma, driven by Pesz, won the Premier Street Car Association’s Radial vs. The World Class, while Haney and Notorious qualified No. 1 and reached the final round of the Mid-West Pro Mod Series.

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Keith Haney Racing completed an “outstanding weekend” in the Throw Down in T-Town!

The Throw Down marked the first time both KHR Lucas Oil/ Chevrolet Camaros raced in the same event.

“That was fun – and a lot of work,” Haney said. “Plus, we entertained our local fans. But it was absolutely outstanding weekend for Keith Haney Racing.”

Notorious qualified No. 1 in the Mid-West Pro Mod Series race with a pass of 3.756 seconds at 201.64 mph, while Enigma qualified No. 2 with a run of 3.914 seconds at 193.40 mph.

Haney won in the first and second round with Notorious, and then things got interesting.

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Keith Haney ready to double up at Throw Down with Notorious and Enigma

TULSA, OK – Keith Haney has a pair of reasons why he’s excited for the Throw Down in T-Town this weekend at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park: Notorious and Enigma and to top it all off this is the first time BOTH cars have been at the same event.

“Notorious” is the Lucas Oil/ Pro Nitrous Chevrolet Camaro that Haney will race in the Mid-West Pro Mod Series portion of the Throw Down, while “Enigma” is entered in the Radial vs. The World Class at Tulsa.

Whether Haney will drive both Keith Haney Racing cars himself remains to be seen. Fans need to come to the Throw Down to find out.

“Notorious hasn’t raced all year long,” Haney said. “Enigma has raced in two races, and now we’re bringing both Notorious and Enigma to Tulsa – and we’re going to kick everybody’s asses in Radial vs. The World and the new Mid-West Pro Mod Series.

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Keith Haney shocks the world: Daddy Dave to drive ‘Enigma’ in St. Louis

TULSA, OK – Keith Haney and Keith Haney Racing don’t do anything small.  So to help kick off the Mid-West Pro Mod Series, which races in the Heads-Up Hootenanny event next weekend at Gateway Motorsports Park, Haney will introduce a special driver for his “Enigma” Chevrolet Camaro in the Radial vs. The World class.

“Keith Haney Racing decided to shock the world,” Haney said. “I’m coming to St. Louis, not only to drag everybody’s asses with (Pro Mod car) ‘Notorious,’ but I’ve decided to give something back, not only to the series but to the fans. Daddy Dave, Street Outlaw, will be driving Enigma in Radial vs. The World.”

“Daddy Dave” is David Comstock, star of “Street Outlaws” on Discovery Channel.

“I’m excited about getting back into a nitrous car,” Comstock said. “I haven’t competed against those boys like Mills and Mark Mickie and Woodruff. My personal car isn’t fast enough, so it’ll be really, really exciting to see how I match up to the pros in Radial vs. The World.

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Keith Haney, Keith Haney Racing to skip final PDRA race of 2016

TULSA, OK – Keith Haney and his Keith Haney Racing team are likely done for the 2016 season after Haney decided keith-haney-2016-pdra-vmpnot to race “Notorious” in the PDRA World Finals this weekend at Virginia Motorsports Park.

Haney has driven the Lucas Oil/ Chevrolet — nicknamed “Notorious” — in the Pro Nitrous class this season, but he and his team are taking the weekend off.

“It saddens me a little bit because it’s a Brian Olson memorial, and he was such a great friend to me,” Haney said. “But to drive 22 hours the week after racing in the Throw Down (in T-Town) was going to be tough. It doesn’t matter where I’m at in the points, and I can finish in the top 10.

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