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‘Labor of Love’ for MWPMS Videographer Jimmy Biggs

TULSA, OK – According to official videographer Jimmy Biggs, he has the best job on the grounds during each event for the Tulsa-based Frankenstein Engine Dynamics Mid-West Pro Mod Series (MWPMS).

“It’s a labor of love; it really is,” Biggs insists. “I consider it a privilege and an honor to tell the stories of the race teams and sponsors that make the Mid-West Pro Mod Series happen. And everybody has a cool story. With this whole industry it’s like that because everybody comes from different backgrounds and has different experiences. Plus, everyone knows 99.5-percent of all drag racers are great guys and my experience with the Mid-West Series absolutely confirms that.”

For the better part of two decades, Biggs, 62, has concentrated on providing drag racing coverage, working with the NMCA, Fun Ford, ADRL and PDRA before MWPMS owner, promoter and competitor Keith Haney came calling. Biggs estimates he posted between 150 and 200 MWPMS video clips to the MWPMS Facebook page this year.

“I can’t tell you how many drivers and crew guys come to me the next day to say they never expected to see things get posted so fast. They’re more used to seeing video from events go up a week or two, maybe more, after an event, but coming from a TV news background I work fast. I know how to shoot and edit for speed,” he says.

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Sonny’s Racing Engines, Lenco Racing Transmissions, and Accufab Racing contract Jimmy Biggs Productions

Sonny’s Racing Engines, Lenco Racing Transmissions, and Accufab Racing have contracted with Jimmy Biggs Productions for Social Media and TV Production coverage of the PDRA Extreme Pro Stock Class.

Biggs will also be handling Social Media for all three companies.

“We are super excited to increase our involvement with the PDRA organization.”  –  Todd Horner, Sonny’s Racing Engines

“We at Lenco Racing Transmissions look forward to our involvement with Jimmy Biggs and the Extreme Pro Stock Class.” – John Mihovetz, Lenco Racing Transmissions

“We have many customers racing in the PDRA and the Extreme Pro Stock Class and are pleased to be part of this.  Jimmy Biggs has been doing a great job for our Social Media coverage for many years, so why not keep the ball rolling?” – George Klass, Accufab Marketing Dir.

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