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Lots of Eye Candy at PRI!


With all of the color, bright lights and chrome galore, walking around the PRI show will put you into sensory overload!  The pictures speak for themselves. 
Check out the gallery – click here

Share Heads to PRI

“For those of you involved in the performance & racing industry who have not been to the PRI trade show, you won’t RPM Magazinebelieve what you are missing!” Exclaimed RPM Editor In Chief, Chris Biro. “This will be RPM Magazine’s 10th year involved in the show and the event just never seems to lose it’s impact, from the very first moment we walk in the doors, to the very last minute serving our customers from the RPM Booth.”
For 2009, the RPM Magazine display booth is once again located near the front of the show, in booth #5717. Special guests, the new up and coming Drag Race internet website that is the talk of the industry, will be accompanying RPM at their booth this year and will have site creator and drag race industry media standout Mark Walter on-hand with his hearty crew and all the information you need to get to know  Plus the team will be out and about to bring you the sites of the show.  Look for there pictures in the PRI Show Gallery.

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Share Launches Video ViZion Site!

A new adventure in video sharing!
When we started in June, we knew we would eventually add video in some form or another to the site.  After looking at a variety of options, we hit upon a new concept that allows us to embed video from many of the popular video portals like Youtube and StreetFire.  Once we built the site and tested the software, our attention turned to what videos to include on the site.
With as many great videographers as there are in the fast door car world and the massive amount of footage available, our task was almost daunting at times.  Eventually we decided to start with the thrills and spills of the 2009 season focusing first on the events we covered.  I spent a few days digging through YouTube to find as many good clips as I could.  I was astounded at the amount of footage available from this years’ races.  We ended up picking the best 27 videos we could find to start the site.  Never one to lay claim to another’s work, we have set up a contributor’s page to give credit where credit is due for the folks who spent the time to shoot and edit these great clips.  Without them, none of us would have the opportunity to enjoy there work. 
Stop on by and hang out for a bit, we think you’ll enjoy your visit!   …and if you know of any great clips from this past year we’ve over looked, please email us at with the links and we’ll do our best to included them.


The Rain Wins Again…

Steele Sunday Rain

In what seems to be the never ending story for the 2009 ORSCA season, rain has once again been the only victor on Sunday.  After a perfect day of qualifying with minimal down time and record runs in many classes, the rains came in the early hours and shutdown the racing action.  It’s a dismal way to end the season for all of the competitors, especially those in contention for a championship or who drove numerous miles to attend the World Finals. 

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Shakedown is in the Books!

DSC02471smThe weather was perfect for eliminations at Raceway Park as day 2 of Shakedown at Etown got under way.  Sundays gallery and final ladders are posted.

Final ladders – Click Here 
Sunday gallery – Click Here


Qualifying Completed at Shakedown


It was a cool quick day at Etown with only 2 rounds of qualifying being completed due to numerous oil downs and the crash of Joe Newsham.  Joe was transported to the hospital and was under going tests to ensure he was OK after the crash.  The fields are set with full qualifying sheets and ladders posted in the forum

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