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A Racer’s Work Is Never Done

The Stanley & Weiss racing team’s season is over and the beautiful 1968 ADRL Extreme Pro Modified Camaro is stashed away in John’s garage in a bazillion pieces

It is in the midst of its updates for the 2010 racing season.

We have dismantled the car front to back, top to bottom, updating some things and fixing others that we found wrong here and there.

Then it will be off to Mike Janis’ “Jan-Cen Racing Engines” speed emporium in Buffalo, NY to get the block and crank checked and to have Joe Janis work his magic on the non hemi heads! We are not changing much of anything for the new season. We just want to correct the few anomalies we had at the end of the year. You cannot do well going out first round time after time! BUT our plan for 2010 is to go rounds and to make our way to a final and win a race if the racing gods decide to smile upon us and we have earned it!

The PRI show in Orlando was a bit more low key than normal with the economy affecting so many things and so many people. It showed everywhere but at the “Howl at the Moon” Saloon Thursday night. The old saying “and a grand time was had by all” most definitely applied that night. Both John and I walked the aisles for 2 days and we got to thank the many companies and their representatives who have helped us with sponsorships and continue to do so. It was good to visit with every one of them without the pressures of a racetrack.

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Christmas Card With Our Best Wishes

And now we at Stanley & Weiss Racing want to be very politically UNCORRECT and wish a very MERRY CHRISTMAS And a Joyous New Year To one and all.

May there be happiness and win lights in everyone’s 2010 future and may Santa bring each and every one of you all that you desire in life.

The Team Of Stanley And Weiss Racing

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