Timblin Chassis Hosts Pro Extreme Motorcycle Test Session

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(Baxley, GA – Feruary 22, 2010) With the 1st ADRL race of the 2010 quickly approaching, most of the PXM teams are in need of some track time to prepare for the season.  Walt Timblin of Timblin Chassis, in conjunction with SGMP, has schedule the Timblin PXM Winter test session for Feb 28.  With Timblin Chassis sponsoring the event, “It won’t make it free, but it will reduce the cost substantially”, stated Timblin,” I try to support the class where ever I can.”  Timblin Chassis has helped with the development of new safety equipment such as the Halon fire system and engine blankets.  Additionally, Timblin has done extensive chassis development and sells parts and service to the PXM community. 

This is an exciting time of the year as the PXM teams prepare for the 2010 season.  Many of the top teams have already signed up for the test session.  Check out the picture to see who will be there.  If you have any questions e-mail or call Monte Campbell at 941-544-1172 or contact Walt Timblin at 912-367-7282.  See you there!  www.timblinchassis.com


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