1320go Introduces New Lower Prices!

You asked for it.  Here it is –

$19.95 – All your data and all your competitor’s data from your track or series.  That’s it.

You’ll also get the Pit Pal program for FREE that will help you manage all that data!

If the track or series you choose has been using 1320go Live Timing in the past you can get all the past data from every racer too – all as part of the Membership!

Race at more than one track?  For an additional $19.95 you can have the Multi-Track option and get All the runs made by Every racer at Every 1320go Member Track and Series – in the past and while you have a Membership.

So what do you think???  Every run from every racer at your track or series in the past and for the next 12 months for $19.95.  That’s it.

Go to www.1320go.com to become a Member!

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