Dan Decore’s Jasper County Speed Shop Pro Mod

Courtesy of TMRC

HAWK POINT, MO – At the end of 2010, Dan Devore and Kaylee Taylor Van Wyk of Jasper County Speed Shop contacted Tim McAmis Race Cars and Performance Parts to inquire about a new project for their race team.  After some consultation with sales representative and project manager Billy Johnston, Dan and Kaylee decided a V4 1968 Camaro would be a perfect fit for their blown alcohol HEMI power plant.

Jasper County Speed Shop would enlist TMRC to construct the Camaro into a full roller and complete the project in-house with instructions, kits and components from Tim McAmis Performance Parts. To start the process a state of the art TMRC chassis was configured followed by mounting of the fiberglass V4 body.

The TMRC fabrication shop then produced a sheet metal floater rear end housing to be installed in the car. To ensure the proper engine and transmission location were achieved, TMRC attached all of the brackets and mounting plates, so that when the time came for the Jasper County crew to install their HEMI and LencoDrive, the process would be seamless.

To wrap up production, the TMRC fabrication department added rockers and carbon fiber products such as the V4 wing, wheel tubs, and rear bumper fillers.

With fabrication complete, Dan and Kaylee once again looked to Billy Johnston for guidance in purchasing additional components needed for the race car.  They decided to use Strange Engineering inner components for their rear-end along with Penske Racing Shocks.

Weld Alumastar Pro Beadlocks would be wrapped in Hoosier rear tires, then mounted and balanced along with a set of American Racing Trakstars for the front. The TMRC assembly team quickly installed all of the components along with a prepped rack and pinion and 4130 lower control arms.

Dan and Kaylee got word that the first phase of their project was complete, and they immediately hit the road to pick up their new Camaro.

The car was brought back to Jasper County where they would spend the next few months fabricating, mounting tabs, fitting the interior, installing accessories and soon it would be off to the paint shop. The fiberglass V4 body was hit with a silver base coat, topped off with black SS stripes.  After final wiring, plumbing and detailing, they were ready to hit the race track.

On August 20th, the Jasper County team left their Monroe, Iowa shop to make their shakedown runs at Eddyville Raceway Park. Following the unloading, a crowd gathered around the pit area with countless comments and compliments about the car.

A planned early shut-off would make up the first pass in which Dan coasted to a 4.66 to get a feel for the car. Things went smoothly and Dan was ready to see the potential of their new hot rod. The next four passes got progressively quicker with a 4.58, 4.48, 4.28 and a 4.26 to wrap up the night. After a successful first outing, Dan commented, “This weekend we ran with a very mild tune up. Now it’s time to turn it up and have some fun!”

Everyone at Tim McAmis Race Cars and Performance Parts would like to congratulate Dan, Kaylee and everyone at Jasper County Speed Shop on the completion and amazing job they did on finishing their new car. To learn more about what the Tim McAmis Race Cars and Performance Parts team can do for you, visit www.timmcamis.com!

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