Bad Fast Is What They Were “Appalachian Hillbillies” Dinwiddie Wild Style

Courtesy of Stanley Weiss Racing

The third stop on the ADRL tour in 2010 was the fantastic drag strip located in Dinwiddie, VA just south of the staid old city of Richmond. This track was good to us last year for our first appearance there as an ADRL Pro Extreme racing team. It was where we shocked ourselves and everyone else around us by completely bypassing the 3.80 ET zone and running a 3.79 on the night qualifier!

The first two hits in qualifying were nothing to write home about and had left us on the non qualified list. But we redeemed ourselves a bit on the night qualifier yet again. A pedaling 3.89 along side the first Al Anabi Racing Team Camaro put us in the show where we would stay through the last qualifier on Saturday morning. Our 3.806 on Sat morning was real close to another 3.70 run for us but it was going to have to do. The bad thing about that 3.80 with a 6 run was the fact that we were only number eleven in the field of sixteen!!!!

Only two years ago that would have been a number one spot!!! There were FIVE cars in that magic 3.60 zone led by Frankie Taylor with an astounding 3.60 run!!!

We went into round one paired up against Todd Tutterow in the second Al Anabi team Camaro in a rematch of the second round from last year at this very same race track. The two Camaros left the starting line as one with John having only a .003 advantage. But Todd”s car made an immediate left turn right off the starting line and it was a good thing for us that John had a very respectable sixty foot time. Todd had gotten the Al Anabi Camaro squared away without hitting anything so all was well. What”s up with this first round thing of having other race cars in our lane??? First Cody Barklage in Valdosta and now Todd Tutterow in Richmond! Everyone else has cars that could very easily be chick magnets but it seems our orange car has become a car magnet in 2010!!! But all”s well that ends well.

The second round left us paired against Jason Scruggs and his 3.60 Camaro. John tried his hardest to leave on the red Camaro and he sure did!!! But it was accomplished via a red light and we were again finished for the day. But we never leave the race track without hopefully learning something and we did yet again this past weekend. Our plan is to go on to Martin, Michigan in June and have the ability to run a little closer with these other bad fast Pro Extreme cars.

After all we have an ADRL seven race long qualifying streak going on by this team of Appalachian hillbillies! That is something we are very proud of and we also know that fate could make it go away at any time.

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