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$48,800 Given to Finalists of Lucas Oil Super 64 at Summit Motorsports Park

Norwalk, OH – The running of the Lucas Oil Super 64 presented by American Race Cars on the eve of the Kelly Night Under Fire has become an annual tradition at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

The runoff-style race features Summit Motorsports Park Edelbrock Super Series Finish Line Club members who are in the top sixteen in points in Edelbrock Super Pro, Edelbrock Pro, Edelbrock Sportsman Delivered on Time by TFC Transportation and Wiseco/Cycle Tech Super Bike as of Aug. 1.

For this year’s race, which took place yesterday, Aug. 9, $48,800 was on the line, with winners earning $10,000 each, runners-up earning $1,000, semifinalists earning $200, quarterfinalists earning $100 and eighth finalists earning $50.

Racers were ready on the tree, and racing was tight on the top end of the track. As family, friends and fans cheered them on, Rick Schneider secured the win with a 4.76 on a 4.76 dial over Wayne Baker, who had trouble and couldn’t complete his pass in Edelbrock Super Pro, while Brian Cireddu collected the win with a 6.35 on a 6.34 dial over Chad Sweitzer, who broke out with a 6.35 on a 6.36 dial in Edelbrock Pro.

Nick Hastings hauled to the win with a 7.74 on a 7.73 dial over Gordie Stevens, who turned in an 8.37 on an 8.35 dial in Edelbrock Sportsman Delivered on Time by TFC Transportation, and Eric Harmon was victorious with a dead-on 5.22 on a 5.22 dial over Ed James, who broke out with a 5.32 on a 5.33 dial in Wiseco/Cycle Tech Super Bike.

As the sun began to set over the track, winners were joined by Duane LeFleur of Lucas Oil in the very ceremonious and celebratory winner’s circle.

Summit Motorsports Park is at 1300 State Route 18, Norwalk, Ohio. For information, call 419-668-5555 or visit

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