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Don’t Miss out on Rocky Mountain Race Week 2016!

RPM Magazine’s Rocky Mountain Race Week is the ULTIMATE test of street car drag racers, competing on quarter RMRW-logomile strips every day for a week while driving 1300 adventurous miles between tracks! Rocky Mountain Race Week will be traveling through the Heartland of America and will include spectacular scenery, local hang outs, and small town locals who can’t wait to see your hot rods. Whether racing, or cruising, these drivers and their co-pilots are the cool kids everyone wants to be. And when we say racing, or cruising, we mean it, because on Rocky Mountain Race Week you can participate without racing your car! That’s right, you can sign up to be a part of Rocky Mountain ROAD Week and make the cruise right along side all the racers.

Drivers come from all walks of life, and can compete for the win in a variety of classes that allows 12-second True Street cars to win just like the Unlimited 6-second machines. Nowhere will you see this kind of variety cruising America’s highways and bi-ways while also tearing it up on the dragstrip. And while bragging rights and a sense of accomplishment are enough for some, Rocky Mountain Race Week also throws cash down on the table in EVERY SINGLE CLASS! Everyone thinks they have the fastest streetcar. Rocky Mountain Race Week lets them prove it, with no support vehicles!

In addition to racing and driving, competitors and crew will have the opportunity to enjoy the drive, hang with other competitors and fans, and experience entertainment never before seen on a road trip adventure like this.

Don’t want to race your car, but you want to hang out with the cool kids? We’re good with that! Rocky Mountain Road Week allows you to come along in your daily driver, hot rod, or bus! Each entry gets up to 4 people into all the festivities for the week, so bring the whole family! Are you actually bringing a busload? Cool! Email us at and we’ll make special arrangements for you and give you a screaming deal that will have everyone begging to ride with you!

Rocky Mountain Road Week participants will get special parking, full event access, t-shirts, schwag, entries for cool giveaways, and much much more. You get to be a part of the action with all your favorite racers, on the same route, at the same time, and partying in the hotel parking lot right beside everyone else! And you’ll have preferred seats for all the racing action as well. Your wristband gets you into places the general public can’t access. Be one of the cool kids and register today! Bring the whole family!

Rocky Mountain Race Week is also going to make a star out of all of you, with more coverage than ever before! Features in RPM Magazine, Live Streaming Video, Videos on 1320Video, along with hot rodders across the heartland watching you cruise through their sleepy little towns. It’s going to be awesome, and you don’t want to miss it!

Registration opens Saturday February 13th at Noon Eastern Time.


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