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Title: Friday
Post by: Mark Walter on August 21, 2009, 04:56:57 PM
While we always have multiple stories throughout the weekend, this race will be punctuate by who can get a handle on the track surface.  The National Trails and ADRL staff have their collective hands full with the condition of the concrete launch pads at The Trails.

Jason Scruggs' team believes they've figured out what's been causing their motor woes over the last few races.  The damage appears to be happening in the shutdown after the finish line.  They will change how they slow the car on the other end in hopes of fixing this problem.

Jeff Paulk also has the damage from St. Louis all squared away.

Team GoForth also has the damaged fixed up from St. Louis.  In the XPS final against Brian Gahm Dean Goforth had the left front tire go flat during the run.  He crossed the center line and took out the MPH and 660 cones causing damage to the GXP's front end.

Cary Goforth dropped a valve as he pulled 2nd gear in his first round race at St Louis.  The team swapped motors in preparation for this race not expecting Sonny Leonard to have their 'good' motor ready.  They were pleasantly surprised when they pulled into the gates and where met with a freshly refurbished bullet for the Colbat.
Title: Re: Friday
Post by: Mark Walter on August 22, 2009, 06:24:39 AM
Round 3 qualifying sheets for all classes: