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Title: Thursday
Post by: Mark Walter on August 07, 2009, 04:07:10 AM
Thursday is move in day for race teams and vendors.  The crews are finishing up between race maintenance or just hang out with friends.  Thursday is a nice relaxing day. 


The Pro Extreme team of Stanley/Weiss are here fresh off their stellar performance in Virginia.  Talking with the crew all they've done since VMP is normal between race maintenance.  Prior to Friday's Pro testing, they're taking the time to add those little touches that set a car off from the pack.  Time for some air brush work on the bumpers and tail lights!


Burton Auxier's motor has been freshened and will go back in the car this evening in preparation for testing on Friday.

Jeff Dickey is here with the Camaro of Mark Mickie ready for extreme 10.5 action.  Mark hit the wall at over 220 MPH at the recently concluded NMRA/NMCA super bowl race at Route 66 in Joliet, IL.  The only damage was a broken front clip and rear wing.  To quote Jeff, "To hit the wall at that speed and only have cosmetic damage amkes us realize how very fortunate we are, it could have easily been a total loss."  The team did elect to take the car back to Jerry Bickle's shop to ensure everything was up to speed.  While the car was at the shop, it did go on a diet.  It looks like they've dropped about 150lbs from the car.  In testing last Saturday here at Gateway, the team carded some nice 1.07 short times! 
Title: Re: Thursday
Post by: Mark Walter on August 07, 2009, 06:48:47 AM
Scruggs' Camaro returns after Virginia crash.

The damage to the record setting car is apparent after the crash at VMP.


When Jason Scruggs' chassis builder, Garret Livingston said he'd have the car ready for St. Louis, I honestly had my doubts.  After untold hours, over the last 10 days, the car is here and looks like the accident never happened.  Garret explained what had to be replaced after he put the car on the jig.  The parts included, upper and lower frame rail on the left side, left strut, steering rack and the upper frame rail on the right side.  Naturally it needed a new fuel cell, mounting brackets and a new front nose.  "The car came right back in line once we cut the damaged tubing off," explained Livingston.  "I have complete confidence the car will perform just as well as it did before the accident."   

Given the track record of this championship winning team, I have no doubt the car will run true and fast this weekend at the Hardee's Gateway Drag's II at Gateway International Raceway in Madison Illinois.